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10 Best Android Apps To Make Blurry Photos Clear

Blurry photos are an inevitable part of our lives as we use our smartphones to snap pictures every day but the use of the apps mentioned below can help rectify them when the need arises. Whether are you new at using the best apps that make blurry photos clearer, or you have been using the app for some time, it is beneficial for you to take a look at the best apps for fixing blurry pictures. For that purpose, we have listed 10 of them below. Go through and see which one is likely to be your favorite.

1. Snapseed


Not the best among the apps that make blurry photos clear, but it is definitely worth the look because this app has been downloaded by more than 100 million users from Google Play Store. The app, Snapseed is a product of Google LLC. It is known as a complete and professional photo editor that any smartphone owner on Android can use.

Features of Snapseed

  • It comes with 29 tools and filters
  • It opens JPG and RAW files
  • Users can save their personal looks and apply them to new photos later
  • There’s a selective filter brush
  • All styles can be tweaked with fine, precise control

Users usually love the app because they can many things in correcting an anomaly from a picture, such as using the Face Pose to correct the pose of portraits based on three-dimensional models. If you want, you can also resort to endowing your picture with a classic black and white look to appear somewhat classic.

The app has been updated in 2020 to fit the use of modern-day astute fans who would even love to do more with it. Thankfully, this app is able to work fine on almost any type of Android smartphone.

2. Photo Editor by Befunky

Photo Editor By Befunky
Photo Editor By Befunky

BeFunky made this app so that it can correct blurry images. Like the app just mentioned, this app is very popular as it has more than 10 million downloads. That’s far from the downloads that Snapseed has but it is a good number, to say the least. People who use love it for three main reasons:

  • They can edit their photos
  • Create beautiful collages
  • Design stunning graphic design

This app receives constant updating, and that means users will be able to enjoy the latest features. However, it is good to let you know that this app has mixed reviews on the Play Store. But BeFunky has attended to some of these challenges through the latest update.

Features of Photo Editor by Befunky

  • Turn your photos into paintings, cartoons, sketches, etc
  • Remove backgrounds from photos with a simple tap
  • Enhance the image appearance with AI
  • Reveal the natural beauty in your portraits
  • Give your photos a unique look

When you try to decorate your pictures with texts, the app gives you fonts that you will love. The fonts were carefully selected by the team of graphic designers to maximize the beauty of your photos. There are also a set of Google Fonts to explore. However, premium users are now charged $47 for services, which some users claim is too expensive.



Inmagine Lab created Pixlr photo editor to help users unleash their creativity while using the photo editor. Users can just download and start using the app without paying but there will be ads for those free versions. There will also be in-app purchases as well. Come to think of it, this app allows the user to capture any moment, and edit with more than two million free effects, overlays, filters, and more.

Features of Pixlr

  • Capture any moment and edit with over two million effects
  • You can share your photos seamlessly with friends or followers
  • Effortlessly remove blemishes, red-eye, and whiten teeth with simple tools
  • Bring out a better color with the Color Splash effect
  • Adjust the tone of the photo with overlays
  • Keep track of your favorite effects so you can use them later.

There are more than 50 million people using this app on Google Play Store at the moment, which also signifies that it is a well-accepted tool for editing photos. If you love working with Pixlr Express in the past, and you just downloaded it, know that you still have the same loveliness available in the app.

This app is good for your Android device if it is 6.0 and up.

4. Adobe Lightroom


Just like the app from Google, this Adobe product is very well accepted among users. At this time, it has over 100 million downloads on the Store. Adobe Lightroom is good and one app you need to explore if you’re looking for more ways to add beautiful effects to your images. It was just updated last month so that some bugs could be eliminated and new features added. Use sliders to improve images even when you’re in poor lighting areas.

Features of Adobe Lightroom

  • Retouch light and color to make the camera photos pop
  • Compare edits with what you made originally, and see which one you would like to keep.
  • Use AI to get the perfect preset
  • Use professional and HDR capture modes
  • Use the Healing Brush to remove blemishes effortlessly

If your device is not Android 8 and up, this app may not work as expected. Make sure you get the right device, and everything else is good. This app is cool, free, and powerful enough to power your photography, leaving them with a professional touch every time. This tool has relatively good reviews on the Store.

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5. Enhance Photo Quality

Enhance Photo Quality
Enhance Photo Quality

Csmartworld created this app to enhance your pictures and selfies. Get the best of these by using the best photo effects already created for you. There’s also the opportunity for doing overlays on your photo so that you can transform your creation into the desired image with the best tools. The beautifying effects will give the photo a professional look. People love this app for its ability to:

  • Apply photo effects
  • Overlays
  • Vignette
  • Photo focus
  • Text on pic
  • Stickers
  • Lens flare
  • Adjustment tool
  • Sharpness. Hue. Crop. Brightness

These are some of the most interesting features of the app. People who master the use of this tool now see it as one of the most powerful.

Features of Enhance

  • Use various color adjustment settings
  • Do pencil sketch, use black and white classic, and other cool effects
  • Check out about 50 overlays to make quick fixes or add personal style to the photo
  • Apply lens flare for the lighting effect
  • Great vignette styling
  • Change colors as you want

The app works great for correcting blurry parts of a picture, so don’t hold back from exploring that and other features.

6. Photo Editor – Lumii


This photo editor was created by InShot Inc for attaining all features that users need. Users get 100 percent stylish preset photo filters and good effects. One thing you will like about the app is that when you start editing the photo, there will not be any interference from ads. Users love it for the simple touches that they are able to apply to make things look professional.

Features of Lumii

  • Customize photo filters: Film> LOMO> Retro
  • Explore adjustment for photo filters and effects strength
  • Customize photo effects: Glitch> Light Leak> Double Exposure
  • Background eraser: Change background> various background templates

Users can discover endless fun when they use it. You don’t have to be a professional to make use of this product. It is available for free. But there’s also a paid pro version that takes away the ad. The app allows you to make a ‘global’ change to your photos even though the app is mainly seen as a presets app. However, users may find it hard to work on some parts of the image.

7. PhotoDirector


Cyberlink Corp released this photo editing app to emphasize the ease of use that such a tool can achieve for users. Like many other photo editing apps, this app offers many effects. There’s a sharpening feature that is simple to use, and that can accomplish a lot. However, other important tools in the app are:

  • Dehaze
  • HSL
  • HDR

When you snap a picture and later discover that you could work on it because of some blurry spots on the image, you may get rid of these spots by using the remove clone tool. This tool offers a wide variety of presets as usual, with some special effects. Some of these presets and effects require a premium account.

Features of PhotoDirector

  • Edit your photos all in one easy-to-use photo editor and collage
  • Use AI to create powerful edits: Sky Replacement> Style Effects> Object Removal
  • Creative editing tools
  • Thousands of stickers, filters, frames, and effects
  • Unique free community content

Other features:

  • Face shaper
  • Light rays
  • Easy to use white balance, HDR, and vignette
  • Blur photo editor

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8. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro
Photo Editor Pro

Here’s another good app from InShot Inc. It is created for users to enjoy it free but there’s also a paid version. The attractive thing about the app is that it has a very elegant look and comes with many effects. With the app, you can do light flares and body modifications. The app offers a nice way to fix blurry issues on a photo, apart from having a sharpening tool for fixing blurry pictures. However, if the photo is too blurry, the app may not be able to work on it.

Features of Photo Editor Pro

  • Improve the sharpening tool’s effect by adjusting the contrast as well
  • Check out the many tools you have to work within the sub-menus
  • Take about 15 minutes to familiarize your app first before you begin to use it
  • Get the pro version to enjoy it more (Not required)

9. Fotogenic: Face & Body Tune and Retouch Editor


The basic version of Fotogenic by Best Photo Editing Apps makes it easy for you to edit photos on the go if you’re a mobile photography monger. This is one of the best choices for newbies in particular, who want to make their photos appear professional. Learn how to make the most use of the app by understanding each feature. However, the app also works well even for professional photographers.

Features of Fotogenic: Face & Body Tune and Retouch Editor

  • Text ON Path allows you to add text with unique effects
  • Speech Bubble is a good way to add cartoon-style speech balloons
  • Captions can be used to add text below or above your photos
  • Crop photo to the best size you desire
  • Easily fix slanted photos
  • Sharpen the aspects of the photograph to make them better
  • Lens Flare helps you to create artistic touch to your photos

When you move to the premium version, you will be able to unlock an extensive list of tools but those available on the free version are able to do a good job as well when it comes to features.

10. PhotoSuite 4 Free

Photosuite 4 Free
Photosuite 4 Free

MobiSystems created this for easy, yet powerful photo editing. Users can have fun making use of this app. You can work with layers and masks as well as complex object selections. If you know how to do it, you can create astonishing images every time no matter where you are. This app works to remove various degrees of a blur but you will get to work on that better if you purchase the premium version called PhotoSuite Pro which has the Gaussian Blur, and Bilateral Blur.

Features of PhotoSuite 4 Free

  • Perform a variety of image improvements
  • Use advanced photo designer tools
  • Work with selected photo designer tools such as brushes, and freehand drawing tools. And more
  • Effect filters
  • Group objects to easily handle different parts of an image


You must have seen how important apps are in editing photos or images. All these apps can work nicely on your smartphone. The only question is: Which will be your favorite? You never can tell until you have used a few of them. You may even determine to download each one of them and see how they fare for a while before you conclude which will always be on your device. Remember, whatever you do, there’s a limit. So, if your photo is 100 percent blurred, you may not be able to fix it with any of the apps above. That means no matter what you rely on, you want to ensure that you get the best photo each time you snap one with your device.

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