10 Best Sound Apps For Android in 2022

Souns Apps
Souns Apps

Are you looking for a unique sound to use as a ringtone or notification on your Android phone? Well, if you are then you are not alone. Yes, this is because many folks want to get a funny or unique sound they can use for their notification. Thankfully, we have many apps on the Google Play Store that offers similar sound but unfortunately not all of them worth the vibe.

This is Why we have decided to save you the stress of searching for that particular unique sound app to use by compiling the best sound Apps available for Android phones. So if you are looking to get some funny sounds such as white noise, soundboards, nature sounds, pets sounds, rain sounds, ocean sounds, etc, then check our list below.

Sounds Apps
Sounds Apps

1. Whoopee cushion

Whoopee cushion is a great sound Apps that brings in ‘Fart sound’ at a relatively high volume. The apps also contain various fart sounds which you can use to pranks, anyone. Just download the app, open it and then select and play any fart sound of your choice.

2. Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds

The name alone says it all. Yes, Funny SMS Ringtones & Sounds is an app loaded with funny ringtones and SMS tones. It has tons of funny ringtones, contact ringtone, alarm sound, SMS sounds that you can use on your device. It also features a Widget that lets you play your favorite ringtone from the home screen.

3. Voice Changer – Audio Effects

Voice Changer – Audio Effects may not be a funny sound app but a great application that you can use to add some effect to your voice. This is a good voice changer app as it comes with Audio Effects that you can use to create awesome and cool sound effects. You can use the app to record your voice and then edit it and make the voice sounds cool and even funny. After that, you can also use it as your ringtone or notification sound.

4. Annoying Sounds

We also have Annoying Sounds on the list. This app just as the name implies has Annoying Sounds that can annoy and disturb anyone. The app is loaded with about 45 different annoying sounds and you can use them as your ringtone, notification, or alarm tone.

5. Dank Soundboard

Dank Soundboard is a meme sound application available for Android phones. The app brings many recent memes for comedic situations. You can also use your sound as well on the app.

6. Atmosphere- Relaxing Sounds

Some amazing sounds calm the mind and give way to a cool atmosphere in a serene environment. If you’re looking for such sounds, then you should give the relaxing sound a try. It features a wide range of relaxing sounds that are divided into different categories. For example, you can listen to beach sounds, forest sounds, city sounds, underwater sounds, and park sounds.

7. Sleepo

Are you finding it difficult to sleep especially in the afternoon? Do you also know that there are some sounds that on hearing it you’ll easily fall asleep? Yes and Sleepo is here to provide you with that cool sounds that you can use to improve your sleep. The app features a set of HD sounds mixed into the different relaxing ambiance. Sleepo has over 32 sounds and they all promote good sleep. Some of the sounds include White Noise, Pink noise, and Brown noise sounds.

8. Zedge

Zedge makes it to our list and this is all thanks to the app’s high-quality wallpapers, alarm tones, ringtones, notification tones, and many more. One thing that I so much love about this app is the high-quality music sounds, the sound effects which are trimmed into 10-20 seconds. You can even download some of the sounds and use them as your ringtone, alarm tone, and notification.

9. YouTube

Are you surprised that YouTube made our list? Understandable, YouTube is a video streaming website available on the internet. However, many users do upload some amazing, funny sounds on their channel to attract more subscribers. You can take advantage of this and you will discover more sleep sounds, nature sounds, white noise and so many of them. The only downside about this app is that it contains ads, however, you can easily remove those when you upgrade to the premium version.

10. SoundCloud

This may sound familiar to you. Well, SoundCloud is one of the most popular music streaming app available for Android and iOS devices. It has a nice user interface and is also filled with so many sounds. To get the best, just make use of the search bar and I bet you’ll discover many tracks for ASMR, sleep sounds, animal sounds, binaural stuff, and more. In case you’re bored, you can enjoy cool music on the app as well.

There you have the best app you can use to get any kind of sound on your device. The good thing is that most of the apps listed above are free and you can easily download them from Google Play Store.


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