14 Sites Like OnDemandKorea.com To Watch & Download Korean Drama

Many years ago, it was difficult to find websites that offer Korean drama or movie viewing to visitors but now, the trend is catching on, making it possible for many websites to spring up catering to peoples’ entertainment needs. We love watching dramas and movies online. One of the websites that do that well is www.ondemandkorea.com, an Asian video site.

What is OnDemandKorea.com?

This online service is a fully legal one that’s dedicated to offering trending and major Korean dramas, movies, and other types of programs from the website. The service basically caters to the needs of people living or located in North or South America. The online service has been praised for having a huge catalog of popular content from years past. You can watch Korean dramas and movies in good quality HD for free at any time and anywhere you are, once you have internet. To use the service, you don’t have to register with your email. Anyone could just visit the site and begin to get entertained without any obligation. If you don’t have the luxury of watching on a laptop, you could always take your entertainment with you on your smartphone.

Let’s now see what other options there are that are similar to OnDemandKorea. We have selected those that are English Sub.

1. Rakuten Viki

rakuten viki
rakuten viki

Viki allows the user to sign up and log in to use the site to explore thousands of shows and movies from around the world. However, once you open the movie site, you will find many movies from mainland China. There are others in the following lineup:

  • Korean
  • Taiwanese
  • Japanese
  • Collections of other varieties

You can join the community inside the online portal to refine your experience. The community can help you to break down language barriers and spread the word about entertainment faster. To top things up, the site also prizes meant for contributors and anyone could win these prizes. Of course, you could also click to see your fellow contributors and to see how they are doing. The top contributors are selected monthly and rewarded. If you can understand English, this site offers movies in that language sub and you have more than 200 languages added to the site. When using Viki, you can search by genres, countries, and regions, and you may even check out the subtitles.

2. MyAsianTv


The site is dedicated to Asian dramas, movies, and shows. As soon as you visit the site, you will see K-Drama on the front page, demonstrating that the site is dedicated to Korean drama. You are able to watch raw episodes and other dramas. You are also able to see the top movies per day, per week, and per month. Some of the dramas have their full episodes listed on the site. You can watch complete seasons when you visit this site. You don’t have to sign up to use the site. Apart from viewing movies from any country of choice, the website caters mainly to Japan, Taiwan, and China.

3. DramaCool

drama cool
drama cool

DramaCool offers a nice way to stream Korean dramas and shows on the internet. You could just visit the site and start watching movies without signing up. It is also important that you realize that the company makes money for itself through ads. So, anytime that you see the ads, don’t be angry. Of course, the services rendered by DramaCool surpass that of other hindrances but the website is nicely built and it is able to attract anyone that visits the first time. Once you find a movie you love to watch, click it, and click the play button. An advert pop could come as a result of that. No problem, you’re free to watch your movie.

4. AsianCrush

asian crush
asian crush

This service supplies movies outside its base so that social media users can get its entertainment and come back for more. The services rendered have to do with pan-Asian entertainment. It spotlights the following entertainment:

  • Award-winning films
  • Exclusive movie collections
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Thriller

And more. This website is seen as the chief digital portal for users’ daily fix of TV, Asian cinema, music, and web content. Most especially, if you love Korean drama this site is for you. Do you love other Asian movies like Chinese martial arts? This site gets you covered on those. You are able to watch these movies instantly without paying a dime. Through this website, you can enjoy the best entertainment. The site is so successful that it has over one million followers on social media. Check it out and see that there are over one thousand premium movies and TV shows on this movie website.

You can stream the movies from the website on other platforms such as:

  • iTunes – Mobile/TV
  • Google Play – Mobile only
  • Google Play – (TV)
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV

5. MyDramaList

my drama list
my drama list

This website is seen as the largest social network for Asian culture. It gives users a great number of favorite Asian dramas and movies to watch at all times. If you’re looking for the latest K-Drama news, exclusives, and more, this is the place to go. You have to sign up to use this platform. It isn’t just about movies and shows, this article also has news articles and a page where you can read about the top actors. The latest addition is the Stars Leaderboard which portrays top movie stars by week, month, and all time. Users on this website are able to contribute in meaningful ways, such as:

  • Create their very own dramatists
  • Discuss dramas and movies with others
  • Discover new dramas and movies
  • Make friends while having fun

6. Kshow123


The best thing about this website is that it helps viewers to watch Korean shows online with English sub in high quality. Movies are available for download in various formats, some light some heavy. They are free to download. When you visit the website, you will see that it has various features that can help you to choose. Your attention could be drawn first to the ‘Hot Today’ category, which portrays the top movies that viewers are searching for on a daily basis. Some of these movies are not English sub – they are just raw like that. You can also see the movies in Asia that are just released so that viewers can be current in their choice of Korean movies. After a brief look around, you may want to search for your favorite K-Drama movies or shows. There’s a tab on which you could search for any movie in the title of your choice. One good thing about this website is that you can watch movies freely without signing up.

7. Kocowa


This is actually an American online video streaming website that has partnerships with three Korean broadcast networks. The Korean stations are:

  • KBS
  • MBC
  • SBS

These stations provide Korean entertainment in the form of:

  • K-dramas
  • K-reality
  • K-variety
  • K-pop

These are the forms of entertainment provided for likely Asians living in the Americas, yet anyone can enjoy these from anywhere in the world as long as he or she is able to visit the website with an internet connection. You can enjoy many of the movies and shows with a number of subtitles. Apart from enjoying these movies on the website, you can also download the app on Google Play Store to enjoy the streaming service.

8. KissAsian


At KissAsian, the streaming is fast but one also needs to get a good internet connection to enjoy watching movies in HD quality. Once you visit the website, you will see that the movies are arranged into genres such as:

  • Latest updates
  • Drama updates
  • K-show updates
  • Korean drama
  • Japanese drama
  • Taiwanese drama
  • Hong Kong (TVB)
  • Chinese Mainland drama
  • Thailand drama

The site is designed in simple ways in which the viewer can easily see what movies count at the moment. There’s no download or need to sign up to enjoy the movies. Just click and stream, that’s all. Enjoy your movies in English sub-titles and dubbed.

9. GoodDrama

good drama
good drama

One good thing about using this website is that you can download the movies on your system to watch whenever you want. Watch the English subtitled Korean and other movies free, and get the latest updates about the latest releases in Korean, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Chinese. However, this website often moves its URL to another address. That means they could be having trouble with the law. For that reason, people are always searching for the site alternatives so that they can continue to enjoy their favorite Korean movies at all times. You may be hindered by pop-up ads on the site as you make use of it.

10. Einthusan


This claims to be the largest collection in the history of South Asian films, as seen on the website. Apart from enjoying movies, one can also enjoy music videos there are over 4,000 entertainments for viewers to enjoy across popular platforms. You can enjoy movies and shows in the following languages:

  • Tamil
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi

Unlike other sites that suffer from government and other authorities’ enforcement, this site claims to be 100 percent legal. Looking for a way to get your hands on the latest movies being shown in the theatres? Visit the Einthusan website for maximum enjoyment.

11. DramaGo


This portal is also dedicated and is specialized in the latest Korean drama, and Korean movies. It is seen as a movie piracy website where people can find all sorts of movies. These types of movies are:

  • Bollywood
  • Hollywood
  • Tamil & Telegu

If you search for it, you can also find Korean movies, even though DramaGo appears to have more Bollywood films. This site is credited with being the greatest torrent site worldwide.it is a site where people can find the latest released movies in HD prints in a way that most other torrent sites can. At this time, the site is banned by Google because of copyright issues but people can still access the content of the site on the internet.

So, there’s an app if you’re not comfortable with the desktop or laptop browsing of the site. Using the app also means that you can download movies on your device to watch later. People also prefer to use the app because the website contains many ad pops that could interfere with your browsing of the website. DramaGo Apk is a better choice.

12. DramaFlix


If you’re in Spain and you desire to watch Korean movies, DaraFlix is a suitable choice for you. You won’t be missing anything K-drama if you make use of this website. Though the website is in Spanish, you can translate it into the English language for better understanding. You definitely would love the resources, intuitive layout, subtitles, fast loading of videos, and more. Be aware that you will have to face off intrusive ads on that website.

13. Viu


As the name implies, you can watch Korean drama and variety in a fast manner and also in HD all for free anytime and anywhere. You need to register to be a part of the fun. This service is legal, and always ready to offer the most recent Korean movies for your enjoyment. If you want, you may use the app to get a better mobile experience, as you may not be able to take your laptop with you everywhere you go. Check out their webpage in multiple countries, some African countries included. The movies from this site can be enjoyed on several devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Desktop
  • TV

14. Kdramahood


This site appears to be moving pages and we are not sure why. If you click on the link above, you would be visiting the old Kdramahood, which isn’t bad because you still have many movies from Korea waiting for you right there. However, when we visited the site, we saw that it was updated with a new Korean movie just three days ago. That suggests that the service is still being updated. Clearly, it is not every day that movies get uploaded on the site, but it is still okay. There’s no sign that this service is present on social media, and there’s no indication as well if it has an app.


That’s it, friends, you must have another idea about how to get fresh content from OnDemandKorea.com alternatives. All the websites listed above do a good job of offering various types of Korean entertainment, while some of them even go further than that. Good fortune with them.