2 Ways To Save And Download Photos On Instagram To Android

instagram ios icon
instagram ios icon

People feel invigorated when looking at a picture they value on Instagram, but couldn’t download rather than take a screenshot and cropping them which only results in a blurry image.

As we are all aware Instagram is an online picture and videos sharing tools that backups all your shared documents.

This online service also allows you to apply effects to your images, crop and other filters to the photo.

You can also share your Instagram photos social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr

Sometimes you might just scroll down to images, and you really admire it for reference use. Thus you want it to be downloaded.

Unfortunately, the developer has imposed some limitations in saving those images for copyright purpose in case of stealing it for personal gain.

Well, I believed all the photos we shared on social media are not private anymore thus I have prepared two easy ways to slew this blocked objectives which won’t cost you any dime.

How To Download Photos On Instagram To Android 

I have officially prepared two simple methods to download your image the first step is using Repost It and the second method is exploring Insta Download.

1. Using Repost It

  • Download the Instagram application on your Android and register an account
  • Follow some friends and locate the image you want to download
  • Download Repost It For Android
  • Launch the application and login with your registered account
  • Refresh the feed and find the video or image you wanna download
  • You will notice a download button at the top of the image just click on it and enjoy your image

2. Using Insta Download

  • Download Insta download on play store and install
  • Launch the Instagram application and locate the image you want to download at the tip of the image is a vertical three dot click on it and Copy Share Url
  • Launch the Insta download app and paste the Url you copy from Instagram then click check URL.
  • After successful fetching it, the image will be shown, at the top of the image is a download button just click on it and save your image.


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