3 Easy methods to check your GLO Phone Number

In this guide, I’ll show you several ways you can check your Glo phone number if you’ve forgotten it.

Recently, a friend came to me asking “how can I check my Glo number?” For that reason, I decided to publish a guide to help as many as are interested in learning how to check the 11-digits assigned to their Glo lines.

Basically, there are three methods for achieving this. They are via USSD code, using the Glo website, or making a simple phone call. All of these methods are very easy and fast, depending on the one you find convenient.

All Nigerian phone numbers are just 11-digits and shouldn’t be so hard to memorize; however, forgetting it is no crime. After all, you’re just a few clicks away from finding out what it is.

Ideally, after purchasing a Glo SIM card, your 11-digit number will be located in a very noticeable area on the SIM pack. However, it’s not really possible to go around holding a SIM pack, hence the need to know the codes or ways to check your number whenever you need it.

As earlier noted, there are three easy ways you can check your Glo phone number fast. I’ll walk you through all three of them step by step.

How to check Glo phone number using USSD code

Step 1. Dial *135*8# from the sim card you are interested in knowing its number.

Step 2. Wait till the network sends you a notification containing the 11-digit mobile numbers assigned to your Glo line.

Step 3. Save the number to your phone book or write it down where you can easily see it.

Glo usually sends a message displaying your phone number along with Nigeria’s country code (+234), so it may appear like this +2348051234567.

The country code is useful if you’re sending it to someone living in another country. However, if you’re finding it confusing, just remove the 234 and add a 0 before the other digits. It should now appear like this 08051234567.

How to check Glo phone number via a phone call

Make sure you’re holding a pen and paper to jot down the number as the network reads it out.

Step 1. Dial 1244 using the SIM card you’re interested in knowing its number. You can also dial 135.

Step 2. Wait till the network calls out your number out loud.

Step 3. you’ll hear a robotic voice reading out your phone number audibly.

How to check Glo phone number online

Now, since you’re here, it means you have an internet connection. In that case, all you have to do is visit the official website of Glo using https://hsi.glo.com.

As soon as the website loads, scroll down and you’ll see your Glo phone number displayed visibly in the format Welcome, 080*******.

glo data balance on hsi website

If you’re browsing from a computer, just look to the right-hand side of your screen.

In fact, you don’t even need a data subscription to get this done. The Glo self-care portal can be accessed even if you’re out of an internet subscription.