3 ways to take screenshots on your Mac

mac screenshot 3 ways cleopatra 700x466
mac screenshot 3 ways cleopatra 700x466

There are several ways to make a screenshot on your Mac. Depending on the method used, you can get a complete “photo” of what appears on a monitor or just a specific part that you are particularly interested in.

The screenshots can be used in countless cases – for example, if you need assistance, take a snapshot of an error message and then send the image to a friend or a forum, it can be a fairly common use.

The screenshot on the Mac – here are the three viable routes

Those who are used to the PC know how the stamp button is enough to get a screenshot or, if you want a more refined work, there are several software that can help in this regard.

As for the Mac, here are the three possible alternatives.

Use shortcuts

macOS provides some very useful shortcuts in different contexts. If you have not changed the default settings, using a combination of keys you can get a snapshot in PNG format of your desktop:

  • with Shift + Command + 3 you can capture the screen in full
  • with  Shift + Command + 4, you can transform the cursor into a viewfinder that you can use to select the portion of the screen you want to save by holding down the left mouse button.
  • finally, with  Shift + Command + 6 you can capture the Touch Bar screen on your MacBook Pro

A little trick

With some keys, you can expand or change the functionality of the screenshot. For example, hold down the Ctrl key in addition to the keystrokes I mentioned above.

This way you will copy the screenshot directly to the clipboard instead of saving it directly to the desktop.

Use Grab

The screenshot functions with shortcuts are often not sufficiently refined to get good results – it may be necessary, for example, to take a snapshot in which the cursor also appears … or take a screenshot with a timer.

This is where Grab comes into play. Although it is a rather simple app whose main feature is to extend the functionality of the screenshots. To use Grab you must follow the instructions below:

  • Open Grab via Applications – Utility
  • click on the Capture menu in the menu bar and choose the type of capture you want to make (the app is essential and has no interface, just a menu bar)
  • most of the functions replicate the previous shortcuts, the only Timed screen is a real original function
  • to use Timed Screen, click on Start Timer and wait 5 seconds to make the screenshot automatically. (Please note – If you have selected the cursor in Grab – Preferences, this will appear in the screenshot)
  • the screenshot you’ve taken will appear in a new window. The file has not yet been saved and you will need to save it with a name and a destination of your choice.

Use Preview

The third solution involves the use of a tool to make screenshots present in macOS but rather hidden – it is Preview, a sort of Grab but much more in-depth.

To use this app:

  • start Preview
  • Click File – Capture Screenshot and choose the appropriate options
  • choose from a window, section or full-screen screenshot
  • if necessary, wait for the timer
  • edit the screenshot at will and then save it.

Naturally, further solutions can be found at the Apple Store.


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