3D Printed Architecture – Future of the Industry

3d Printed Arch Yanko Design 06
3d Printed Arch Yanko Design 06

The architecture industry will benefit greatly if it borrows a leaf from other industries that make use of 3D prints, says an online report. Yankodesign website also points to fact that almost everything is being 3D printed, and right now, many architectural firms are adopting it. They see it as the preferred technique to build structures.

It is simple, very efficient, innovative, and it lowers the risk of errors. Above all, it saves time.

Yankodesign also says that 3D printing eliminates many tedious steps during the construction process, while it simplifies the job. More buildings like homes, hospitals, and coral reefs island are benefiting from this technology lately.

Yet, the full capacity of 3D printing in architecture has not been fully explored. The capacity and potential of the technology are said to endless and mindblowing.

Bjarke Ingels Biodivercity Peninsula Yankodesign 11

One amazing feat of 3D printing is TECLA. It is based on natural materials, and it is a completely 3D-printed global habitat. The project began in 2022 in Italy as a response to societal issues regarding explosive population growth. TECLA proved very efficient for a community that needed affordable homes.

It was created with reusable, recyclable materials taken from local terrain. Here is something those who are contemplating circular housing, as well as eco-housing, could benefit from.

The habitat was designed and brought to life by seasoned architects and engineers. This habitat is set to be the very first house to be built with entirely 3D printing technology, making use of locally sourced clay. The clay has been used for centuries for building because it is cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Clay is a good alternative to cement, it is biodegradable and recyclable material, making the building a zero-waste structure.


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