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4 Best Altimeter Apps for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Your Apple device is suited for many tasks and with its advanced and rugged technology, you can get the best of any app. Altimeter apps require that you have sensors that will accurately determine the altitude and this is where iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch shines.

Whether you’re calculating altitude because of your hiking, cycling activities or because of an altitude-related condition, the altitude apps listed here will help you and you don’t have to spend much on acquiring a special instrument to measure your altitude.

Best Altimeter Apps for iOS

  1. Barometer & Altimeter

Do you have a mountain biking adventure to undertake and you want to know the atmospheric pressure and altitude at some point? Look no further as Barometer & Altimeter is there to serve you this need on your iPhone. The new generation iPhone and iPad have the new barometric pressure present in them and they work perfectly with this app.

Use the altimeter to calculate your altitude and utilise the Barometer function in determining the atmospheric pressure. The Barometer has 6 different units and you can set the altitude manually. You can use this app offline as it does not require an internet connection.


2. Pro Altimeter

If you’re using iPhone 6 or higher, then the built-in barometric pressure sensor in it will work with Pro Altimeter to display your altitude. If however, you have an older device, the app will use GPS to display the altitude.

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The app’s interface is a simple one and all details get displayed totally. On the main interface are three sections, namely – Altimeter Reading, GPS Altitude, and Altimeter reference.  The barometric altitude and GPS altitude in both feet and meter are shown in real-time on the first two sections.

You can toggle between daytime mode and night mode through the DISPLAY button. Use the CALIBRATE button to use of the four methods for calibration, which are ‘Use GPS altitude’, ‘Manually enter Altitude’, ‘Manually enter pressure’, and ‘Check nearby airports’.


3. Travel Altimeter Lite

Use Travel Altimeter Lite on your iPhone and get your altitude. The app works by detecting pressure changes. The first thing you want to do is to set the reference pressure and altitude and when there is a change in these parameters, the app shows you how the changes occur.

The app is known for accuracy so you can be sure the figures are correct. There’s a Compass bundled with the altimeter and this makes it have the real-time orientation feature. In terms of design, the app is elegant with several beautiful backgrounds that change according to the time of the day.


4. Altimeter +

If you want an app that measures altitude without error, then Altimeter + is the app for that. Installing it allows it to calculate altitude and pressure and give accurate measurements on your Apple device. The app works on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The app employs GPS or barometric pressure sensors to calculate the altitude of a particular location. Altimeter + also features a map that brings out data in various measurements.

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