4 Best Monopoly Games for iPhone and iPad in 2022

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Have you ever thought to go into business and you want a fun way of knowing or having an idea of how managing a business is like? Then you should try monopoly games. These are games that allow you to experience the business world by allowing you to manage businesses, own houses, and properties and do all you can to be the wealthiest among your competitors. The goal of most of these apps is that you become the richest and gain monopoly of the economy. It’s a fun way to get your hands on business. Check out the 5 best monopoly apps for iOS…

Best Monopoly Games for iOS

  1. Monopoly Bingo!

If you’ve played the classic monopoly game, you’d also love Monopoly Bingo, a version of it. Monopoly Bingo is a combination of classic monopoly and bingo rules. There many bingo cards that are available to play and this is peculiar to this one because they are more than other games. 5 million users play this game so it’s really popular. In this monopoly game, it’s all about earning money and building houses and hotel.  You can play against friends in free battles in Monopoly Bingo. You can check unreleased Bingo numbers, get free drawings and bonus spaces at bingo maps and this way you secure your winning. Travel all around the world, own properties and become rich in this interesting board game for iOS.


2. Europoly

Engage in this captivating game that involves you rolling the dice, moving your pawn, acquiring and constructing properties. Your goal is to get your competitors into bankruptcy. It features multiplayer with up to 4 players playing simultaneously. Everyone can go across Europe. Make sure your pawn doesn’t land on a property already owned by a player unless you’d have to pay rent. In the game, you’ll see various infrastructures such as European cities and airports, motorways, ferries, casino cards, lottery cards, and a jail. If you’re capable of securing the whole city as a monopolist, you can build houses and increase the renting price.

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3. Boardwalk Bingo

Enjoy your gaming moment as you play a combo of Boardway and Bingo in this Monopoly game. You’ll have Mr. Monopoly by your side as he guides you to proceed to each stage of the game. He’ll help you win and get prizes so that you increase your pocket. Don’t enjoy the fun alone, let friends join you to get to places like the beach, amusement parks, at the properties you acquired. Do your best in the game and if you’re really good, you can become a bingo champion who will earn fantastic boosts like bingo, free parking daubs, and mystery blocks. This game also allows you to visit famous Monopoly sites and explore their surroundings. These places include Boardwalk, Chance, and Marvin Gardens.


4. Arctopia

Do you want some possessions and become rich, play the Arctopia game that offers you that opportunity all in a monopoly environment. The Monopoly Coffee Empire in the town of Arctopia is yours and you have to draw a plan on how to maximise profit from the business which involves letting and renting. You can’t do this without having a detailed knowledge of your market and the situation in the town so that you don’t make big mistakes. The customers happiness and satisfaction are in your hands and you have to do everything possible to make sure they are pleased with your product. Should a customer display unhappiness about your services, it will affect your business negatively.


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