4 Common Samsung Galaxy S8 Problems And how to fix them

Are you using the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or even S8 Plus? Then you must be enjoying this smart and awesome smartphone in which Samsung put together different cool features.

The Common Samsung Galaxy S8 Issues and how you can Fix them

Problem 1 – Bluetooth problem

The Bluetooth 5.0 is being given in the most recent version of Galaxy that gives faster pairing time along with massive range, but still, it is not free from certain issues and complaints are many. Some users said the Bluetooth is not working well and that it has poor performance etc. However, here are the fixes for that problem.


  • First turn off the Bluetooth in your phone, then wait for a few seconds and then turn it on again.
  • Next, delete all the previous pairing and set them again from the beginning.
  • Wipe the cache of your Bluetooth by heading over to Settings then to Application manager and then All and choosing the Bluetooth appliaction.
  • Update the phone with the newest version available.

Problem 2 – overheating while charging

This is one of the major problems of Samsung Galaxy S8 about which many people have laid complained so far. Although, if you are lucky and you might not face this problem. As per the users, the device gets overheated when charging it. Some others even said that it takes longer time to charge it. Here are the fixes for this problem.

Solutions – how to Fix the slow charging problem

  • Restart your phone.
  • Now determine whether the fast cable charging is activated or not activated. If it is not activated then activate it by going to Settings, then click on Battery and then Fast cable charging and then turn it on.
  • The other suggestion is to make use of the charger that came with the phone. Also, make sure to use a good and quality USB Type C Cable.
  • Should in case any recent update is out, go for the recent updates as it might fix up the slow charging problem.

How to Fix the overheating while charging issue

  • In case the device gets too hot while you’re charging it, then you can turn off the fast cable charging selection by moving to settings. It will clearly take time to charge but will improve the life duration of the battery capacity.

Problem 3 – Wi-Fi problems

Wi-fi is one of the common problems with most of the device. Here are the fixes for this problem.


  • Restart your phone.
  • Now restart the router and the modem also. If you have restarted it, then a fresh connection will be beginning, and it may fix up the Wi-Fi problem in your Galaxy S8.
  • Overlook the Wi-fi connection and then connect it again. By going to Settings > Wi-Fi and then click on the network name that you want to delete. Next click on forget and the network will be removed. Connect again to that network using your password.
  • Now turn off the Hotspot 2.0 as it will resolve the Wi-Fi issue on your Galaxy S8.
  • Also, make use of Wi-Fi analyzer to check the channel so that you can move to a good channel.
  • Now go to Settings then click on Advanced and check the address of the MAC on your device. Also, make sure that the address is available to the router’s MAC address filter.

Problem 4 – Fingerprint scanner

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has fingerprint scanner issues. And the fingerprint scanner is found at the back side. Most of the people using this device have complained about the defective location of the fingerprint scanner. However, we can barely do anything to change the position of the fingerprint scanner rather you need to be used to it.


The most excellent solution is to set up the fingerprint scanner once again to have a more precise reading.

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