4 free apps to create animated GIFs on Android and iPhone


Halfway between a photo and the video, the animated gif expresses its creativity in a dynamic and fun way. Used in a conversation or shared on social networks, this media file format adds a touch of originality to your posts, especially when you create your own custom sequences. Anxious to awaken the inner work of the editor, we have selected 4 of the best free apps to create animated gifs on your smart devices.


Colorful and super kitsch, GIPHY CAM gives carte blanche to all creative follies. The app uses the rear and front cameras of the smartphone to shoot short videos. Access to the gallery allows the use of existing photos and videos. The cropping and cutting of the extracts are done with the fingertips via the integrated editor.

The strength of GIPHY CAM lies in the variety of its filters and stickers. We must love the lolcats, glitter and pop effects that invade the most animated gifs. A local recording function saves the best compositions on the smartphone’s memory card, while a share button lets you send instant gifs to your friends.

The +:
+ Intuitive and ergonomic 
+ Tools for cutting and reframing 
+ Effects, filters and original stickers 
+ Seasonal contents

The -:
– No selection of the local directory or subdirectory

Download GIPHY CAM for Android (Free) 
Download GIPHY CAM for iPhone (Free)


Boomerang aims for the most extreme simplicity. Its creed – do not worry about anything. On the interface, a single button triggers a burst of ten shots that the application comes on the heels in a very short video. Everything goes very fast, offering the great advantage of instantly capturing motion with the back camera or selfie.

Unlike its competitors, Boomerang does not offer any customization tools. We forget the filters, stickers and visual effects that are often popular. The only fantasy granted by the application lies in the loop effect that makes loop the created gif. You then decide to share your creation with your loved ones, by messages or on social networks.

The +:
+ Suitable for perfect beginners 
+ Capture the movement in the most precise details

The -:
– No personalization tool 
– No access to photos and videos of the gallery

Download Boomerang for Android (Free) 
Download Boomerang for iPhone (Free)


ImgPlay is one of the most flexible applications. You can create a gif from videos and photos taken on the fly, stored in the gallery or saved in any directory of the smartphone. A first cutting module allows delimiting the exact extract serving as a basis for the future gif.

Without a crazy inventiveness, ImgPlay offers colorful filters and tools for customizing text. Depending on the desired format, you can trim the animation on the sides and choose the reading direction of the gif – front, back, loop. In advanced settings, we adjust the number of frames per second. Once retouching is complete, you can record your gif locally or share it directly on social networks.

The +:
+ Flexible 
+ Tools for cutting and reframing 
+ Many filters, effects and stickers 
+ Module for setting the number of frames per second

The -:
– The impossibility of mixing photos and videos 
– Many filters reserved for the pro version 
– Filigree, even if discreet

Download ImgPlay for Android (Free) 
Download ImgPlay for iPhone (Free)

GIF Maker

All resources are good to use for GIF Maker. The application allows working with photos and videos captured on the fly, stored in the gallery or on Giphy. Before moving on to pure creation, you can select and reframe the duration of the gif.

The great asset of GIF Maker lies in its almost exhaustive range of tools. We find essentials such as filters, text, and stickers. Other more advanced modules manage the speed of reading, the removal of parasitic elements or the order of display of images. The recording is done locally in low, medium or high quality. It is also possible to share his gifs directly on social networks or by message with his friends.

The +:
+ Compatible with all sources of images and videos 
+ Tools for cutting and cropping 
+ Many filters, effects and stickers 
+ Many advanced editing tools

The -:
– Advertising 
– Unsightly interface

Download GIF Maker for Android (Free)
Download GIF Maker for iPhone (Free)


Little suspense – our preference is GIPHY CAM. Its simplicity of use makes it an ideal ally of the followers of the gif. The many personalization contents available lack neither originality nor fun. And this is ultimately what sets GIPHY CAM apart from its competitors – in addition to its effectiveness, the app knows how to be fun to use.


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