4 Reasons to Own a Blockchain Smartphone

    Blockchain smartphone jpg
    Blockchain smartphone jpg

    The writer of this piece is not in any way endorsing cryptocurrency trading or investing.

    In 2019, the use of Blockchain smartphones are getting very common. Whether you invest in cryptocurrencies or not, this information is for you. First, you need to know what Blockchain phones can do for you that other phones can’t. Secondly, take note of other things these phones are good for even though you may not be a Blockchain fanatic.

    What are Blockchain Phones?

    Blockchain smartphones differ from one another and actually depends on the type you buy. However, there are some few features that are common to Blockchain smartphones. Some of these features also demonstrate their advantage over other smartphones out there. Let’s take a look at these features as they also explain the advantage they have over other regular mobile devices.

    The offer top-notched security

    The smartphones come with a built-in hardware wallet. This provides additional security against the work of hackers. Since the technology is relatively new, most hackers have no idea how to begin to undermine it for now.  How powerful is this wallet. It is like an offline safe for the digital information on your phone. It sure holds various types of data and provides them in case you need them while you’re even offline. For now, it is mostly used to hold cryptocurrency private keys but could be used for other information in the future. So, in the future, we hope that this medium will be used for other applications and other people who don’t even have anything to do with cryptocurrency investment will make use of that smartphone.

    Direct Dapp UI

    Secondly, there is the dapp interface . Otherwise known as the Decentralized  Applications (dapps) these are Blockchain apps which often involve cryptocurrency. Those who have Blockchain smartphone are able to directly pay into dapps from the phone’s wallet. When one talks about dapps, Blockchain smartphones enable ease of use for these. It will be almost impossible to use dapps with any other smartphones that are not Blockchain smartphones. But you may say that some phones offer the possibility of accessing dapps on the mobile phones. There is the MetaMask app for Ethereum dapps for example but Blockchain smartphones already are infused with this functionality built into them.  Since it is built-in, the hardware doesn’t need to be downloaded and since it works offline, it is quite safer. It surely offers a better way to access dapps anytime, anywhere.

    What a Blockchain Smartphone Owner Can Do

    A few things can be done on Blockchain phones and they are as follows:

    1. Send and earn cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, some Blockchain smartphones also run as nodes and are reputed for paying the owner small amounts of crypto over time.
    2. Storing tokens. These tokens can be used for gaming. Those who love to play games like CryptoKitties will find a Blockchain smartphone very useful. It is very safe when you make use of dapps.
    • Secret sharing. Secret sharing dapp is the best way to share among multiple parties securely.
    1. Trustless Gambling. Online gambling needs trust but who can guarantee it? You need Blockchain dapps if you must create and play provably fair online gambling.


    As we end 2019, Blockchain smartphones may metamorphose into something more than just Blockchain. The technology could also be what will lead to more confidence for smartphone users as hackers wax stronger to attack all kinds of smartphones.


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