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4K Video Downloader – how it works and what it is for!

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Have you seen a video on a video sharing portal and want to keep it on your PC? Or are you unable to do without the last playlist and want to keep it offline to listen to it whenever you want? With the explosion of video-sharing services, it has become more comfortable and easier to find interesting videos, and there are many who want to download them to keep them always with them, or maybe they want to share them with friends.

For this reason, several solutions have been created to download videos from the net. Among the many dedicated applications, today is the time to talk about 4K Video Downloader. Local programs are among the best methods to download videos, an excellent alternative to online services, which are often loaded with advertisements full of malware and invasive.

How 4K Video Downloader works

It is a very normal multi-platform program for desktop systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux), of a few MB, which allows you to download videos from different video sharing services with ease:

  • Vimeo;
  • Facebook ;
  • YouTube;
  • DailyMotion;
  • Vevo;
  • Twitter;
  • videos from adult sites;
  • and practically every video sharing portal that comes to mind.

Of course, the video-sharing portals are not Netflix, PrimeVideo, and related services, those are video on demand sites and their contents are protected.

The program works in a very simple way- once it is provided with the link of a video or a playlist, it identifies the elements, captures the flows and gives you the opportunity to download the videos as mp4 files and the audio in mp3 format. To know more about the differences between mp3 and mp4, you can consult our guide.

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The conversion and download speed is convincing, even in the basic version, there are no limitations on the definition of the video which can also be downloaded in 4K (obviously if it is available on the platform). Interesting is the support for playlists and subtitles.

How do you use the program to download videos?

Using 4K Video Downloader is very simple and made even easier by translating it into our language. To download a video, you have to follow the following steps:

Copy of the video’s web address

  • Open your browser (for example Chrome or Firefox), go to the video page of your interest;
  • Copy the address of the video, simply selecting it all and clicking on it with the right mouse button, then in the contextual menu, choose the “Copy” item. Or you can, after selecting the address, use the key combination “Ctrl + C“.

Download content with 4K Video Downloader

  • Open 4K Video Downloader;
  • Click on the “Paste link” button, which you can find at the top left;
  • At this point, the flow will be examined and a dialog box will appear on the right where you can choose whether to download the video or only the audio, the quality among those available and the destination folder.
  • Finally, click on “Download.”

If you think you need to download a large number of movies and want the same format, resolution and destination folders for all, you can preset them by clicking on the “Smart Mode” button. In the dialog box, you will have to put a check next to the item “Enable Smart Mode” and choose your settings.

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The limitations of the free version

4K Video Downloader is free in its basic version, which is convenient, quick and practical, but has some limitations (actually not too limiting):

  • only the first 25 videos of a playlist can be downloaded;
  • advertisements may be displayed (during our test they did not appear);
  • allows the download of subtitles (but with limitations);
  • does not allow you to download videos that are added to a channel automatically;
  • does not offer priority support.

If you want, you can remove all the limitations and have access to all the additional options (challenging to find on other alternative programs), by purchasing the license of the Premium version, which costs only € 14.64 and is valid for 3 computers. It entitles you to all future updates and unlocks the connection to YouTube channels and direct download.

Download and install 4K Video Downloader

Downloading this program and installing it is very simple, it is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux (as a deb package). The executable can be found directly on the official website on the page dedicated to its download.

Once the executable dedicated to your operating system has been downloaded, installation is very simple to perform, just double-click on the installation file and follow the guided procedures. On Windows, the installation procedure is in English, but it is elementary and does not present difficulties.