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5 Apple Music features you need to know about

One of the most successful Apple services is Apple Music, thanks, among other things, not only to the enormous number of songs it has but also to the application that the Cupertino company has developed to accommodate this service. Well, in this post we are going to tell you 5 functions that you have to know yes or yes, to get the most out of the Apple Music app.

Interesting features of Apple Music

Over time, Apple has developed more and more of its music application, reaching a point that almost no one could imagine, and that is that its streaming music service can compete with the giant known to all Spotify. To a large extent, this competition has been possible thanks to the different functions that the music app presents that all users have available on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod Touch, and it is even available for Android devices. Below we will talk about 5 functions that you have to take into account to enjoy this fantastic app even more.

  • The social section of Apple Music is one of the functions of the application that is most hidden, in fact, one of the changes that the app should undergo is to make this part of the app much more accessible. However, one of the things that you have to keep in mind is that you can follow all your friends who have Apple Music, in this way you will be able to see what music they listen to, and even the service itself will create a list for you if you want it, called «Mix friends» where it will include different songs that they have heard and are listening to.
  • Something that really comes in handy to enjoy and perfectly understand the songs that we are listening to is the possibility of being able to see their lyrics. In Apple Music, this is really simple because you just have to press the icon with a kind of speech bubble at the bottom right of the screen.
  • In the same way that you have access to the lyrics of most of the songs that are present within Apple Music, you can also consult the playback history, something that comes in handy, especially in those moments when you are listening to lists or radio stations to discover new songs. In order to access it, you just have to click on the other icon located at the bottom right of the screen and scroll up, since by default the songs that will be played next will appear.
  • Something that not many users know is that if you like a specific topic and want to listen to more songs that have a similar style, you can create a radio station from that song. To do this, you just have to press and hold on to the song, or click on the icon with the three dots and click on “Create station”.
  • Finally, surely at some point, you have created a playlist, or even you are one of those people who have several created by themselves in their library. Well, you can customize all of these to your liking, since Apple Music allows you to change their name, add a description, and something that you will surely like a lot, is that you can also change the cover image.
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