5 Best Android Apps that Monitors Data Usage 2022

The web is expanding and it is not going to stop doing so. The internet is so vast that almost everything thing that were once done physically are now done digitally via the Internet. With this in mind, we have a platform to share our minds to the world, advertise businesses and even collaborate. The fact that our smartphones can connect to the internet in seconds have even helped matters. We can visit Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even download heavy files. This is great but no one wants to run out of data unexpectedly so it’s best to have a data tracking app in your Android. This article talks about 5 of these apps.

Best Android Apps to Monitor Data Usage

1. My Data Manager

1 my data manager

To manage your data effectively, try My Data Manager. It does the job of monitoring data usage thereby conserving your data. One cool thing about this app is that it features Shared data plans. The app can track messages and calls usage aside tracking and management of data. You can also sync data across your different devices.


2. Data Usage Monitor

2data usage monitor

This app works to manage and track your daily data traffic and usage. It possesses a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to go around the app. Not only does Data Usage Monitor track data, it also analyses data usage. Whenever you go past the daily limit set by you, an alert is triggered. The app does all the tracking automatically so that you can manage data in an effective manner. It has a great interface that shows data information of both mobile and WiFi network. The widget feature of the app can be added to the home screen to get a quick display.


3. Check Data Usage

3 check data usage features

Check Data Usage can measure data on a daily basis so that you can plan for your data allowance. The app tracks mobile and WiFi internet data usage on Android. The app will perform an analysis on the apps on your phone so that you can know which of them is utilizing the most memory space. This is a great way to have your data saved. Furthermore, you have the ability to configure your data plan without encountering any problem.


4. Data Usage

4 data usage 1

Data Usage is beautiful in appearance as it uses theme colors to show the current usage status. It is easy to install so you can monitor periods that match your billing cycles over time. Thresholds can be put on your usage and you’ll get notifications if you exceed it. This app does not only support mobile data but WiFi usage too. The app is designed to intelligently predict when your daily limits will be exceeded besides setting quotas.


5. Opera Max

5 opera

Opera Max does more than tracking data, it also has a security feature. It is a data managing assistant that monitors and tracks your data. It is designed to give advice on maximizing your data for optimum use and to save money. It works well with Facebook with its savings utility and also compresses data to allow you to spend more time on sites like YouTube. The security feature secures your connection when you’re connected to a public WiFi.