5 Best Android Printer Apps For You in 2022

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What do you do when you want to print from your smartphone a document or a photo you want to share with your friends? You can employ any of the Printer app listed here. They do basically the same thing, print stuff. For the fact that Android is in our hands, we can utilize it to do printing in a fast and easy manner. The 5 best Android Printer apps listed here will serve your printing needs…

Best Android Printer Apps

1. StarPrint

With a variety of media options, StarPrint shines in that it is easy to print documents, web pages, maps, emails, and pictures from your camera roll or Instagram. If you don’t want those apps that are brand-specific, then StarPrint is the way to go. The app supports over 4000 printer models from HP, Canon, Epson, Brothers, Samsung, Kodak, and more. With all these in place, getting started should not bring issues. Another great thing about StarPrint is that you can print on a wide range of print media options. This means printing on media like Letter, Legal, Executive, Postcard or 3-inch CD, would not pose a problem.


2. Cloud Print Plus

This app for printing gives you the power to print files, pictures, drawings, messages, contacts, documents. You can even print notes from the best apps for taking note on Android. It’s an app that is not new but has evolved consistently. To print, all you need do is to set up your printer by following the link in the description and that does it. Integrated into the app is support for direct printing from Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage apps. It has a simple interface and is a good app overall.


3. Google Cloud Print

A great way to print from your Android device is by using Google Cloud Print. The traditional way of printing from a smart device is by using direct Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to a printer. Google Cloud Print does not use this method, instead, it lets users make connection to any printer that supports Google Cloud. You can find Cloud Print in your device as a stock app or it is also available as an app download.


4. Brother iPrint&Scan

Brother iPrint&Scan  combines the printing and scanning function to produce rich features. This obviously makes it unique because there comes a time in the office when you want to scan a document quickly. Though you cannot get the amazing feeling you get from a dedicated scanner from this app, it can capture sufficient detail on documents. When you’re done with setting up the printing, the app shows you a preview and also the size, so you can make adjustments as you desire.


5. Epson iPrint

Epson iPrint is one of the best Printer Apps for Android that features a Metro design with a variety of functions for seamless printing. Any saved document on your Android device can be printed through it. It also supports printing from online storage as well. After locating and selecting whichever file you want to print, a preview window comes up, where you can make adjustments of the size and settings of the print. You can print anything you’ve saved to your MicroSD card easily.



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