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5 Best Finder Alternative for Mac 2022

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Finder is the native app for file management on the Mac, and while some find it great, others want something more powerful. The Finder app will let you do some basic file managing operations, but to handle more complicated operations, a third-party file manager will do this job well. We’ve searched and fished out the five best Finder alternative for your Mac.

Best Finder Alternative

1. Commander One v2

1 Commander One V2

Commander One V2Commander One v2 is from the developers of Commander One, but it comes this time as an improved version. If you’re in search for a Finder alternative, you can’t go wrong with this one. File operations doesn’t have to be difficult as Commander One v2 simplifies things with its dual-pane file manager which starters will find very useful.

The software will let you set shortcuts for almost all function so if you’re so used to your keyboard, Commander One v2 will just be okay for you. You can do different customisation settings like choosing between ten pre-installed themes. Other elements which you can change are the fonts, selection and background colour.

The Search feature is a robust one and allows you to search by filename and even inside the contents of a file. It is also possible to make a case sensitive search with Commander One v2. Online Storage services like DropBox , Google Drive, Amazon S3 are integrated to help you backup files. Using the built-in FTP manager, you can connect to remote FTP servers.

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2. Path Finder

2 PathFinder
2 PathFinder

Path Finder can really be intimidating because of its plethora of features but never worry and don’t be daunted, the app will make file management easier for you. There are several interesting features. Firstly, just like it is in Finder, it has a similar sidebar. You can search files using search presets such as Today, All Images, All PDF Documents, Yesterday, All Movies.

You can make use of the multiple sidebar and you can access any of them via the gear icon present at the bottom left of the sidebar. The drop stack feature of the sidebar will help you perform bulk operations easily. To use the bullseye feature, you just need to drag and drop files from various location unto the bull eye section from where you can move, copy, or compress those files at once.

Path Finder includes other exciting features like An integrated terminal, file tagging, custom contextual menus, command-line tools, sorting, filtering options, folder compare and sync, and secure deletion.


3. Forklift

3 Forklift

If you need an alternative to make up for Finder’s mediocre support for remote server connections, you should try out the Forklift software. It’s a robust FTP client and has support for SFTP, iDisk, SMB, Amazon A3, AFP, WebDAV and more. You can also perform in-place editing of remote files and there’s an host of built-in per-folder, on-demand sync utility.

The ‘droplets’ and ‘synclets’ features are what you can employ to bookmark common activities. This Forklift scripts which are simple in nature will run Forklift tasks on-command and also some automation. This software is suitable for web developers that will be in need of a new FTP client.

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4. XtraFinder

4 XtraFinder

Another Finder alternative, XtraFinder is a great software that has basic features that you’ll find useful. This macOS file manager is capable of performing functions in a quick way by providing with quick access to various functions. These functions are present in the toolbar, menus, and the contextual menu. It is easy and fast to show hidden menus, create a symbolic link, show hidden items with XtraFinder.

You won’t have problem with copying and moving files as you can do it easily and quick and if you have to handle many files at once, this Finder alternative will help you do it in a breeze. There are options to adjust the width of column and by this you can view the complete file names of files conveniently.

It also features customisation option such as custom colour for the background, sidebar and so on.


5. Total Finder

5 Total Finder
Total Finder

Total Finder is a little different from the ones we’ve seen above as it is not a stand-alone app. Total Finder integrated with the original Mac Finder. The app features Chrome-style tabs with a dual-pane navigation. If you were a Windows user, you’ll find some recognisable Windows features in the app like the Cut-paste functionality which is at the right-click menu.

Take advantage of the ‘Visor window’ that creates a global keyboard shortcut so that you can access a sliding Finder window from wherever you are. After you’re done with performing that quick operation, you can make the ‘Visor window’ disappear by pressing the shortcut again.


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