5 Best Game Booster for PC 2023

5 Best Game Booster for PC 2019
5 Best Game Booster for PC 2019

Games are great ways to have fun and relax. Consoles were the traditional way to play games but now PCs have also joined the league of devices that can handle games. Consoles are designed to play only games but PCs have other processes they can perform other than gaming so, therefore, resources have to shared to cater for all these. This can make gaming lag and this can be frustrating. There are some tips to make games run better on PCs and there are also game boosters which optimize the PC to perform better. These are specially designed softwares that allow you to tweak the drivers and make some adjustments to make gaming run smoothly on your PC. Let’s dive in to see 5 of these softwares…

Best Game Booster for PC

  1. Advanced System Optimizer

With this software, your Windows PC will get cleaned up of all unnecessary files so that it can have an optimum performance for a smooth gaming experience. It is a multipurpose optimizer that does not give any stress in its usage while making sure that your system runs smoothly. This software makes it to the list as one of the best game boosters for Windows because it offers smooth-running and lag-free gaming. The software allows you to toggle between the game you are playing and other programs or desktop without limiting performance.


  1. Wise Game Booster

Ever knew that causing your system’s performance to be upgraded let’s you have smoother gaming feel? This is what Wise Game Booster was built to help you achieve. The application was made to make PC gaming better by optimizing system settings, ending unnecessary programs and stopping irrelevant services with a single click. Your PC’s performance gets boosted by making your system resources concentrate on the game being played. Features that the offer of this game are ones that are dedicated to PC gaming. For instance, you can sync games into the software’s interface so that you won’t have to look for them on the crowded desktop window.


  1. Game Fire 6 PRO

This software works like this- it has a technology that gets which services, background processes, features, and programs must be disabled temporarily while you are enjoying your games. You can have it disable a big list of tasks such as network access and sharing, Windows Search, Windows Defender and many other operations that may distort your gaming feel. The software also lists out the various applications, operations, and services that you can stop before you start to play the game you love. Other wonderful features are game defragmentation and quick access to Windows tools such as Memory Diagnostics or the Performance Monitor


  1. Razer Cortex- Boost

Razer Cortex Boost  is a software that acts as a PC optimisation tool that increases your Windows computer performance by managing and ending processes that you don’t require such as business apps and background helpers. Doing this will make available more system resources and valuable RAM, resulting in higher frames per second and better gaming experience. In this wise, Razer Cortex Boost is similar in operation to Wise Game Booster. The difference here is that Razer Cortex’s developers claim that the tool does not just assist in making better your system’s performance, but it improves the way you play by adding extra features to games. The software does scanning of your PC to look for Al games you play and then allows you to make adjustments on the settings of each individually.


  1. WTFAst

If you are encountering problems such as bad lag and high ping, then you should go for software like WTFast. It is a good software to optimize PC games and it is outstanding from the rest in the fact that it concentrates more on increasing the network speed to increase the performance and better the feel of online games. With the software, game lag is reduced and ping is decreased so that slowdowns do not occur during online multiplayer sessions.



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