5 Best Golf Apps for iOS in 2023

Golf apps for iPhone
Golf apps for iPhone

There were days when golfers were left to some unimpressive GPS device to help them in the sport, but not anymore. With the Apple operating systems that are on the iPhone and Apple Watch, you can have your smartphone do the work those GPS devices do and even more. Apple devices are known to be rugged, and they have super sensors that will work for those Golf apps listed here. With the help of Golf apps, you can become better in your golf abilities. Read on to find out the 5 best Golf apps for iOS.

Best Golf Apps for iOS

  1. Golf GPS & Scorecard

Over 4 million users use the SwingxSwing app – Golf GPS & Scorecard. It is a great replacement for an expensive GPS handheld. You’ll need a SwingBySwing.com account to enjoy the app and you can create one for free. The app will let you input your past scores, track your path around the course, see the current scores, etc. The app supports over 35,000 golf courses and more gets added daily. By parting with some cash, you get accurate wind speed and elevation information, extended scoring, club tracking, and access to several games and betting configurations.


2. Golfshot

You may be a casual golf lover or a serious golfer, whichever you may be, Golfshot is suitable for you. The app works on Apple devices, Apple Watch as well as the Android platform. The app also has free and premium features. In the free version, you can use GPS and your input to get each shot hit on the course tracked. You can use this data to improve yourself in the golf sport. You can do other things like viewing the distance to the center of the green, review stats and check golf news. Coming to Golfshot Pro, you’ll need to subscribe to secure your membership and this promises you more features. You get real-time distances to the center of the green, the front, the back edge, and all hazards on more than 40,000 courses.



3. GolfLogix GPS + Putt Breaks

The free version of GolfLogix GPS comes with many features including GPS distances on over 30,000 courses worldwide, handicap support,  stat tracking a yardage book with color 3D images of the course, a scorecard for up to four players, and handicap support. The GolfLogix website gets synced data from the app from where you can keep track of your progress. You get an extensive archive of Golf Digest lessons and videos. By going for the Champion upgrade, you are given access to view distances to the front, back, and center of the green, as well as distances to hazards and layups. It also features Club Distance Grid that displays the position your clubs should land from your standing point.


4. Hole19

Hole19 is known for its accuracy and its provision of view distances of over 95% of courses around the world. It is possible with the help of Hole19 to track your and the partner’s score side by side. You can use the social function of Hole 19 to interact with over 1 million active users of the golf app. Golf courses can be viewed with a birds-eye view in Hole 19. The interface is neat and intuitive and it brings on a professional scorecard that provides a detailed analysis. To get the best of the app and have access to more pro features like AR view, auto change holes, HD Maps, etc., you’ll need to subscribe for $5.


5. Golf Coach

Are you an amateur told player or even a novice, then Golf coach, a virtual golf tutorial app is at your service. In the app are 38 HD golf tutorial videos to give you lessons and tips to improve your golf techniques. The videos are shot from 3 different angles with a high-speed camera that brings about superb video quality and excellent slow-motion experience. This virtual coach app brings out the best in you. You get instructions and tips on how to take shots from the rough, tee shots, full swing technique, etc. You can use the camera feature to record videos of you taking shots for analysis and you can upload the videos to the golfers’ platform to get advice from expert players.



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