5 Best mechanical gaming keyboards – our top 5 selection

    Best mechanical gaming keyboards 04
    Best mechanical gaming keyboards 04

    The good times are far away when we used to play with PCs and consoles as children only to have fun and entertain ourselves on cold or rainy days. Nowadays, on PCs and consoles like Xbox One and Play Station 4, video games are turning into real forms of art and entertainment and are more and more able to keep the players glued to the screens for tens and hundreds of hours. Some gamers consider themselves Pro, others really are, some are really professionals and have made of their passion a profession.

    To be successful in gaming, especially in online and competitive gaming, it is essential to have various experiences and skills, as well as hardware that allows you to give the best performance. We all know that it is essential to have a great PC assembled, especially if you also want to record your games while you play, a 4k or 5k performance screen, a pair of good gaming headphones to keep in touch with the team without being disturbed, but often underestimates the important of a good gaming mouse able to guarantee excellent precision and customizable DPI, a valid professional gaming mat and a valid mechanical keyboard able to reduce response times to a minimum. We have also written on Best Keyboards for Mac to Buy in 2022, you can check it out.

    In this article, we shall be focusing on a selection of best mechanical gaming keyboards. A gaming keyboard always makes the difference during an online and offline game thanks to superior accuracy, mid-stroke inputs and the ability to use macros.

    Every self-respecting gamer knows that one of the components that make the difference during an online game match is the keyboard. We see the best mechanical gaming keyboards, our list does not pay at the expense and is dedicated to the most passionate gamers.

    Best economic gaming keyboard – Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Ultimate

    Let’s start with the best of gaming keyboards with a reduced price that offers excellent value for money. The Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Ultimate is a mechanical keyboard entry-level video game and definitely definable basic. A demonstration of this is the lack of macro and additional keys. The Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Ultimate does its dirty duty well and promises excellent performance. Valuable ergonomic and very robust keys. Nice idea to insert the customizable backlight, a gem that will surely be appreciated by all gamers.

    Pressing the keys is always comfortable and light, you will not get tired of using it even after several hours spent on your favorite game. The possibility to adjust the sampling frequency is also given and have been specially positioned for additional programmable keys.

    The characteristics are truly remarkable, especially considering the quality-price ratio. The price is lower than those of competing products: Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Ultimate SGK-4011-GKCM1 is sold on Amazon for only 108 euros.

    Best quality gaming mechanical keyboard – Mad Catz STRIKE TE

    Mad Catz is one of the best-known brands in the gaming industry and boasts precise, functional and well-made products. The Mad Catz STRIKE TE is no exception and boasts excellent manufacturing quality. The constructive side is one of the strengths of this excellent mechanical gaming keyboard. The frame is made of metal and is therefore really solid and resistant. Another valuable detail is the presence of anti-slip wrist rest, “plastic” that is very useful during the most lively gaming sessions and that guarantee ergonomics and comfort.

    Let’s talk about the keys, as it wants a real professional gaming keyboard even the Mad Catz STRIKE TE can boast sturdy keys, resistant, solid, ergonomic, silent and, above all, precise, just enough to get halfway through the race to get the video input. Added to these are the multimedia keys and the possibility of setting up various macros via software in order to facilitate some operations.

    Beautiful the presence of a well-made backlight. Precious the choice of inserting a “Mode” key that allows the switch between different profiles, the latter allow you to change the behavior of the function keys and macros according to the game that we are going to perform.

    The high quality of construction makes it an ideal keyboard for work and long writing sessions.

    Best customizable and reactive mechanical gaming keyboard – Corsair Strafe R GB

    All lovers of gaming and the PC world know the Corsair brand. The Californian producer, with Corsair Strafe RGB, managed to create an impeccable and extremely customizable gaming keyboard. The biggest advantage of this excellent gaming keyboard is its reactivity to inputs. The use of Cherry MX Silent keys, available in red and brown colors, is possible to have a feeling similar to that of Cherry MX Red buttons. The introduction of a new noise reduction technology is also spectacular. The result of this introduction is to make the pressure of the keys really silent, the sound when we go to press a command is practically non-existent. We continue to talk about the keys, it is noteworthy the nice finish and really nice ergonomics. The buttons are also replaceable, in case of need. The classic RGB backlight is the most customizable ever seen. You can choose the backlight of every touch among well 16.8 million colors.

    The construction quality is simply exceptional. The frame was solid and light during our tests. Good idea to add the wrist rests that are very comfortable and can ensure a good comfort in the most intense gaming sessions.

    The quality is high and the high levels of customization make this Corsair keyboard one of the best gaming mechanics currently available.

    Best design gaming mechanical keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Chroma

    The Razer BlackWidow Chroma is the mechanical gaming keyboard able to boast the best design in the category. The design is endowed with an excellent sobriety, but with the addition of a captivating style. The particular style makes it suitable for both gaming and work sessions. The top of the range of Razer home can boast even one of the most complete backlighting on the market, with an excellent level of customization and lots of color tones.

    Moving on to the performance side, we can certainly say that the mechanical video game keyboard Razer BlackWidow Chroma behaves very well. The keys are incredibly comfortable and are also very responsive. Content is also the noise that the keys make to pressure. The presence of 5 keys to run the macro and the multimedia keys complete a keyboard worthy of note in the gaming industry.

    The software provided by Razer is spectacular. The program in question allows you to program and set up in a detailed and precise way various keyboard profiles.

    The gaming keyboard with the best design, or the Razer BlackWidow Chroma, is on sale on Amazon for only $129.

    Best mechanical gaming keyboard ever – Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum

    We conclude our roundup of the best gaming keyboards with what we think is the best keyboard to play with the PC – Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum. We all know Logitech and we have already reviewed many products, we invite you to read the Logitech keyboard review with solar panels, a manufacturer that has made quality and reliability its strengths.

    The design of this wonderful Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum mechanical keyboard is one of the most beautiful we have seen so far and shows elegance, ergonomics, and robustness. Excellent addition of the palm rest that gives comfort in prolonged sessions and allows not to slip. The RGB backlight can also be easily managed via software. For the backlight, you can choose your favorite shades among 16.8 million colors. This Logitech gaming keyboard finds another strong point in the Romer-G keys. According to the manufacturer are the best switches for keyboards on the market and are extremely sensitive and incredibly reactive. The performances that can be achieved in the gaming phases, thanks to these mechanical keys, are simply spectacular. In addition to all the standard keys, Logitech also inserted multimedia keys and nine macro keys on the Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard with various types of customization.

    The software is another point of great strength and prestige of this Logitech keyboard. The program for the management of the keyboard is based on a simple and clean interface that allows you to better customize the various profiles and to set as you like all the settings.

    The best gaming keyboard on the market, Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum, is on sale on Amazon for only $125.

    Bonus – EagleTec Mechanical Keyboard Illuminated LED Backlit 104 Keys

    We close the selection with a bonus product that I honestly recommend to all gamers who have not had the chance, and the pleasure, to start using a mechanical gaming keyboard. The blue switches used for all the buttons are a bit noisy but work perfectly and respond quickly and very precisely to the inputs.

    The structure of the keyboard is excellent thanks to the metal panel that gives strength to all the product. Below the 104 keys have placed a series of colored LEDs that give a pure gaming look to the keyboard. The LEDs are customizable, if they have some pre-set layouts, and they work very well. Nice idea to insert some additional keys (arrows) of other colors so you can replace the most used keys to make them more easily identifiable.

    The layout is entirely in English, not to be underestimated for those who use the PC not only to play but also for work or for simple web browsing. The price is honestly unbeatable, we are talking about 50 euros, and has a really good quality-price ratio that allows it to be the best entry-level keyboard on the market.

    In this article, we have analyzed those that, according to us of TechVaz, are the best mechanical gaming keyboards. What do you think? Please let us know by leaving a comment.


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