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5 best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As we already saw talking about the technical features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 the storage space is very large – 128GB or 512GB depending on the version of the device that you have available. Despite this large capacity, Samsung has provided the ability to expand the memory through the use of Micro SD for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is the notes of small memory cards on which you can save your favorite music, photos, videos and any type of multimedia content, not least even the smartphone app keeping free (and with better performance) the internal memory of the device.

Now we’re going to see what are the main Micro SD for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to choose between, both in terms of capacity and speed.

Micro SD cards

Micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

When choosing the best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, different aspects must be taken into consideration – those that are properly technical of the type and capacity of the memory card, the speed and resistance standards, to which the cost argument must be added. All these elements allow you to choose which model is best suited to your needs; it is important to underline the great versatility of Micro SD cards. In addition to expanding the memory smartphone (as well as other mobile devices) can also be used as memory cards for the camera (which requires large capacity for the highest quality photos), as removable media to save content from the PC (as if it were a normal pen drive) and also as support for backup copies (both of the smartphone itself and of the pc). Keeping in mind these different uses, one can understand how important accessories are to weigh up one’s choice.

Technical specifications Micro SD

The type and capacity

One of the main aspects, the first on which attention is paid, is the capacity of the Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It varies according to the type of these supports, indicated by a different range. We can summarize:

  • Up to 2GB capacity – SD;
  • From 2GB to 32GB capacity – SDHC;
  • From 32GB to 2TB capacity – SDXC.

The difference between the code on the packaging and on the card itself indicates the amount of data that can be saved on it.

Speed standards

  • Speed Class  – Indicated by a number within a circle;
  • UHS Speed Class  – Indicated by a number within a U;
  • Video Speed Class  – Indicated by a symbol consisting of the letter V and a number.

The speed is certainly an interesting and useful especially for those who need to save the content of a certain type (such as videos in 4K or 8K), but should not be absolutized.


An aspect that is not secondary is that of the physical resistance of the MicroSD. The main ones, therefore also all those that we will see for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, withstand X-rays, bumps, and liquids and it is good to always pay close attention to these features as you can recover your data despite damage to the device in which the memory card is inserted.

The cost

Finally, obviously, the cost. The greater the technical characteristics, especially in proportion to the capacity, the higher the cost will inevitably be. In this sense it is important to remember what we said about versatility – we are talking about very useful accessories that can be used on different devices. The type of use, whether professional or amateur, with which to evaluate which model should be purchased is also important.

The best Micro SD for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

16GB SanDisk MicroSDHC

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32GB SanDisk MicroSDHC

Best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 32GB SanDisk MicroSDHC

An economic solution that allows you to slightly increase the capacity of Note 9. Let’s talk about a microSD that reaches a speed up to 48MB / sec, speed class 10 and the presence of the SanDisk Memory Zone app that allows you to manage the files inside of the smartphone.

Samsung MB-ME64GA / EU EVO Select 64GB

Best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung MB-ME64GA-EU EVO Select 64GB

We increase the capacity and among the best Micro SD for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we find the Samsung MB-ME64GA / EU EVO Select 64GB. It is a microSDXC with a speed class of 10 UHS 3 and a reading speed of 100MB per second. This model is sold including a microSD adapter.

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Samsung MB-ME32GA / AM 256GB

Best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung MB-ME32GA-AM 256GB

Of the same type as the previous one, but with an even larger capacity, we find the Samsung MB-ME32GA / AM 256GB card. It is an ideal model for those who need to record video content in 4K and also in this case the memory card is inclusive with its adapter.

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256GB SanDisk Extreme

Best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 256GB SanDisk Extreme

Among the top of the range among the Micro SD for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the SanDisk Extreme 256GB, a model that can boast a write speed of 90MB / s and a reading of 100MB / s. ideal for recording videos in 4K and super slow-motion, it is equipped with an SD adapter and the relative SanDisk software for the security of the saved data and the management of the same.

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SanDisk Ultra 400GB

Best Micro SD cards for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – SanDisk Ultra 400GB

We conclude this overview with the most capacious memory card for the Galaxy Note 9, or the SanDisk Ultra 400GB. A crazy capacity for a reading speed of 80MB / sec and a class of speed 10. With this model, sold including standard SD adapter, there will no longer be problems with memory failure.

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