5 Best Music Player Apps for iPhone/iPad in 2023

listen to music
listen to music

Music has formed a vital part of our everyday life and many people rely on it for entertainment relaxation and pleasure. Whether you are cooking or doing the laundry or even reading a book, music can help you ease boredom. There are many music player apps available on iTunes, but here in this blog post, we have been able to fish out 5 best music player apps for your iPhone or iPad.

5 Best Music Player Apps for iOS

  1. TapTunes

Developed by David Blundell, TapTunes will play for you the music you love. Your music collection can easily be accessed with this wonderful music app. You can control the music play through gestures such as tapping, swiping, dragging, touching, and shaking. The customization is easy as the app offers you more than 25 settings to set what you desire.


  1. Cesium

If you’re looking for the classic feel  of a musical app then Cesium should do. Designed with a pleasant interface, all the buttons are designed nicely and you have an elegant Now Playing screen. To use the app, you need to grant the app access to your music library, including downloaded media from itunes.


  1. FLAC Player +

This is one of the best free iPhone music player with its ability to play varieties of files as it gives you different options for a great music listening experience. Supported by this music player are different music formats such as MP3 format, FLAC, WMA, AAC, or many other formats. FLAC Player + is like the VLC Media Player in terms of versatility.


  1. Boom Music Player

Boom Music Player offers  decent features for both iPhone and iPad. Developed with a nicely designed interface, options of plenty music controls are available amongst other fun features. You can also get music from your Dropbox or Google Drive account too with the app. Present in it is an equaliser and overall it is a very functional app.


  1. Ecoute

A simple app with a clean interface,  Ecoute displays album artwork in a nice manner. Features like enhanced shuffle feature including shuffle by albums exist on the player. It also makes use of metadata like last played dates and play count to play tunes in a better way. Present as a feature in the player is a night mode option, perfect for drivers or people who like to listen to music in bed which is a quite impressive feature.



  1. You need also to try NikooPlayer; it is very different music player with a lot of strange features that you can not see in other players. It can play all of your offline audio stuff including songs, audiobooks and even your downloaded podcasts. You can change the singer voice, you can change the podcaster voice. You can even spin your phone to see that it actually simulate a turntable!


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