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5 Best PC Optimisation Softwares to Make Your Windows Computer Speed Up by 300%

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If you notice that your Windows computer slows down or is not fast enough to perform a simple task, then you may need to get it optimized. Due to the hard disk collecting some piece of junks over time, your PC may become sluggish there making you perform the task in a frustrating manner. These optimiser software help do jobs that can enhance the speed of your computer system by cleaning up the registry of unwanted entries, defraging the entire file system and removing redundant files. With the optimizer software listed here, you sure can make your PC speed up like a rocket. Let’s uncover them…

Best PC Optimisation Softwares

  1. Iolo System Mechanic

With this tool, you can have junk files and unwanted apps removed, bloatware and unwanted auto-run settings blocked, RAM cleared out, various logs, browser histories, and caches wiped. This tool does not only make available valuable system resources, it also clears out traces of your browsing activity to ensure security. This tool is outstanding in that when it was tested, a significant speed proved was noticed especially during startup.


  1. Razer Cortex

Games just got faster with Razer Cortex as it was enhances gaming performance, system performance with you being able to uncover the best gaming deals on a single platform with a click away. It’s not only your games that gets boosted, your entire PC gets boosted also. A great solution for faster system performance, Razer Cortex cleans up unwanted junk files, so that no single kilobyte of hard disk space is wasted, leaving enough resourse for your activities. This tool not only prepares your PC for gaming, it also makes it prepared for daily use.

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  1. Glary Utilities Pro

Glary Utilities Pro is a great tool to get your system optimized. This great optimizer helps improve your system speed and fix crashes. What this tool can perform includes clicking optimization, software updater, registry cleaner, defragmentation and more. It is one of the best PC cleaner software for PC users. Something that’s great to hear is that this tool is a free one. It is also that this software is a free time up for personal use.


  1. CCleaner

A tool useful for cleaning PC, Piriform CCleaner keeps your privacy secured as it also improves your PC’s speed and performance. Redundant files and settings that are not in use anymore are removed by the optimizer. With it, your hard disk gets freed up if unused files that make your system sluggish have gathered into it. You can be sure of safer browsing as it eliminates any trackers and cookies that spy on your browsing operations. Your browsing history and cookies get cleaned up making sure your internet browsing is secured by making all your credentials and login details hidden and your identity too.


  1. Latency Optimizer

Latency Optimizer comes loaded with a couple of powerful optimization, testing, analyzing and cleaning tools to help you reduce high latency, fix lag, improve FPS, boost games & applications and speed up Internet connection & PC. Latency Optimizer developed by Badosoft offers you a set of utilities and tools to make sure your internet connection is boosted alongside your PC. The tool allows you to Boost your Internet connection, games, and applications, reduce lag and latency issues, analyze your system performance and test your Internet connection speed and ping.

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