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5 Best Speedometer Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

With what technology has been able to achieve, your smartphone can do almost anything you can imagine. If you ply the commute everyday and you’re interested in knowing the speed at which you travel and the distance you cover, then there’s a speedometer app for you. Speedometer apps can be used by runners, cyclist and speed enthusiast who want to monitor and track their speed. We’ve collated 5 best speedometer apps to aid you in your speed adventure.

5 Best Speedometer Apps for Android

1. DigiHUD Speedometer

Using DigiHUD offline speedometer app for Android, it is possible for you to get the measurement of speed on your Android device no matter what you are doing, whether walking, cycling or driving. You’ll be able to view the current speed, the direction of the compass, and the total distance covered by your activity in this app. It has a dark background that will enable you to read data easily and make the app easy to use. The app can measure distance for 3 different trips. Switching between trips is easy as you just need to tap on it and you can view trip A, B, and C. There’s also a clock in it, battery level and information showing the average speed of your travel.


 2. GPS Speedometer and Odometer

Among the best and popular speedometer apps, GPS Speedometer and Odometer takes a place. For starters, you can use it offline. That’s something that is not too common. It’s accuracy rate is about 98% when you’re connected online and is a bit less when offline. The features of this app includes the ability to track speed, average speed, distance, trip time, and maximum speed. It can also show you your speed on a simple screen. The free version contains ads while the paid version doesn’t.


 3. Ulysse Speedometer

This is a speedometer app for Android that comes with HUD, featuring a clean user interface that allows easy to use experience. The developers are always willing to make changes to the app with updates, putting features the users wants, which suggests that they really want to learn. In addition, customisation can be applied to the UI colors to make it more appeal. It has many features and you as a user won’t find any lack in the app.


 4. SpeedView GPS Speedometer

SpeedView is one of the speedometer apps that relies on GPS to provide you with the most accurate speed results. The app will prevent you from getting a ticket,  which means you can set a speed limit limitation right from the app. The app can run in the background mode and it also possesses a compass. Included in the features of the app is that it shows the history of your drives and journeys with speed and distance. You can access this information and download it in a text file to your microSD card.


 5. GPS Speedometer, Distance Meter

Are you in search for a simple app that can measure you speed and distance travelled, look no further as this one is for you. You don’t need to connect to the internet for this app to work. With the app, you can view your travelling speed and the distance covered . It also provides you with the current time. Added to this, the app can allow you to set speed limits and alarms should you cross that limit. Its simple UI will make viewing convenient to read data. You can get the history of your journeys from the app. There’s also background mode on the app.


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