5 Best Sports Streaming Apps for Android

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Sport is one of the most-watched events in the world today. At almost every corner of the globe, there’s a sporting event going on. The love of sport has so much heightened with social media and online streaming services. The internet makes streaming accessible by smartphone and with few clicks, you can watch your favorite tournament. To watch your favorite sports, you need an app to give you the video feeds and this post has 5 of the best apps to watch sports on your Android device.

Best Sports Streaming Apps for Android

1. Show Sport TV

Show Sport TV is an app that will give you access to your favorite game on any device. You can enjoy sports from various channels gathered from around the globe. The platform has a website with you can watch shows but it has a lot of ads but the reverse is the case with the app which is free of ads. Channels present in the app are beIN Sports, Sky Sports, Star Sports, Sony Ten, Fox Sports, BT Sports, AD Sports, WWE Network, Sports Net, Sports Klub and many more. If you love sports, then you should download and use this app. It gives a seamless experience as it runs with minimum buffer and displays graphics with HD quality.


2. ESPN ScoreCenter

To get abreast sports happenings and watch live matches is easy with ESPN ScoreCenter. The app allows you to know the happenings within your favorite teams and tournaments. You can follow competitions of several leagues around the world too. The Lead feature provides you with the ability to get updated with sports analysis and breaking news of the day. The app also includes a personalized scoreboard and you can get everything about live games such as in-game stats, boxscores, last play, standings, and more. Watch tournaments from English Premier League, the NFL, NBA, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, NCAA tournaments, et cetera with this excellent sports app.


3. Sky Sports Live Football

This app is developed by Sky UK limited and Sky Sports Live Football to meet the needs of football fans. If you want to be abreast of happenings in the football world, then this app is for you. With the app, you get quality content of what’s happening in the football scene. Get all the latest scores from your favorite football club of leagues with this football app for Android. This app is present in the sports category on the Google Play Store. Videos of sports matches from EFL, MLS along with La Liga and World Cup can be watched on the app.


4. SuperSport DSTV Now App

SuperSport is known to broadcast sporting events. It is popular on TV but it also has an app that can let you follow the game when you’re not close to the TV. The app allows you to watch and enjoy the live streaming of matches. To use the app requires you subscribing to your main DSTV account. On mobile, it reckons with the best sport streaming apps for Android. The app is quite stable when compared to other sports streaming apps. The app includes a live commentary feature, online group chats and match chats which provides a social platform for sports lovers.


5. Mobdro

One of the most popular streaming app for Android, Mobdro provides entertainment in various genres like Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Tech, Animals, gaming, anime and spiritual. It also had sections for popular TV shows which you can download. In more than 10 different languages from more than 30 different countries, you get live TV. This gives you a wide range of options to enjoy your watching. It has a user-friendly UI and you don’t need to have a login account to use it. The app is unavailable on Google Play Store but you can get it on the Mobdro website.



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