5 tips and tricks for taking spectacular selfies on iPhones

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Being able to take a selfie on iPhone can seem very easy, also because of the high quality of the front camera of your iPhone. This time we want to find out some trick and useful advice to improve the quality of our shots using an iPhone.

How to improve selfie on iPhone

It is unthinkable today not to imagine the possibility of taking selfies on the iPhone; even those who use less this type of photographs have at least once felt the need and tried the pleasure of taking their smartphones up to shoot in the company of a friend or in front of a picturesque scene. And this is a bit the sense of selfies and there are many shots that fill the social profiles of users daily, with the desire to show what you are doing, where you are and, above all, with those you are with.

Although taking a selfie on the iPhone is very simple you can use different measures, some concern the way to possition yourself before taking the shot or to position the smartphone, others instead are real tricks to exploit the potential of the iPhone. Let’s see what they are.

Tricks for selfie on iPhone

Change colors

Selfie on iPhone – change colors

A simple but very effective advice to improve the selfie on the iPhone is to change the filters and colors. This trick is very useful especially in those cases in which there are perhaps imperfections in the skin and the outcome of the photo does not convince at all; adjusting the filters you can set colors brighter or less vivid, in order to get the preferred result. These adjustments can be made either directly or later by changing the shots taken, even using the many photo apps available on the Apple Store.

The light

Selfie on iPhone – the light

How many times has it happened that a perfect shot was ruined by light? Either there was too much or too little, almost never what we would have considered right for that shot. A first useful tip is to touch on the display your face, or what must be the main protagonist of the selfie on the iPhone, in this way the camera focuses attention on that object and not on what is around. The advice is to place the light source behind the camera. To adjust the exposure, however, you can scroll up and down the screen of the smartphone to decide which setting is best suited for the shot you want to make. A little warning – reflective surfaces that change the brightness of a photo should be avoided.

Lock the exposure

Selfie on iPhone – exposure

You can lock the exposure on a precise point of the photo and then move the camera of the smartphone without losing focus on the main objective of the photo. To do so, simply press and hold for a few seconds on the screen by selecting the desired part, until the message ” AE / AF lock ” appears. At this point, it is possible to move the lens without losing the central point of the photo.

Do not use the screen

Selfie on iPhone – the display

A little useful advice concerns the ability to take pictures without touching the display. Very often it happens to ruin perfect shots because you change the settings by touching the display incorrectly. To solve this problem you can use either the volume keys of the iPhone or, alternatively, the camera button of the Apple Watch or the control keys of your EarPods.

The live Focus Feature

Selfie on iPhone – live focus feature

To take selfies on iPhone that are spectacular you can take advantage of the live focus. This is present from the iPhone 6S Plus and allows you to take a series of photos, both before and after pressing the shutter. In this way you have the opportunity to choose the best shot, eliminating those in which you have an unconvincing expression, you have your eyes closed or any other element ruins the selfie. It is good to pay attention to the fact that using this function very often the iPhone takes photos even while it is focusing, thus saving even blurred photos. Alternatively, you can take pictures in series also by holding down the shutter button, so you can take pictures in quick succession and locate your favorite one.


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