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5 Tips To Fix Your Flat Screen TV To The Wall

How to hang the TV on the wall? How to install the TV on a wall? It’s easier than you think. Fixing the TV to the wall is simple, but you have to take the necessary precautions. Are you planning to install your flat screen TV on the wall? Here are 5 tips to install the wall mount without doing any damage!

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Choose the right support

Start by choosing the right wall mount for your TV. On the one hand, it must be suitable for the weight and size of the TV set, so as not to risk dropping it. On the other hand, it is necessary to check that the support has the same VESA standard as the TV- specify the distance between the fixing screws. All you need to do is select a model that suits you (with vertical tilt, bubble level, etc.).

Choose the right pieces

Depending on the composition of the wall chosen to hang the TV on the wall, choose the right plugs:

  • Standard / universal for solid walls (brick, stone, concrete)
  • Type of tipping or Molly for hollow walls (empty bricks, breeze blocks, plasterboard, etc.)
  • Nails/screws for friable walls

Also, the diameter is important- if the screen + support group weighs more than 50 kg, use 10 mm or more plugs.

Prepare the right tools

To install the TV stand on a wall, you need the following tools- drill, screwdriver, meter, cable detector and (why not) a ratchet. Prepare your tools before starting the installation and ask someone else to help you fix the TV to the wall.

Connect the cables before installing your flat screen TV to the wall

Most wall mounts make it difficult to access the connection panel behind the screen. For safety (and not to tear your hair out later), remember to connect the cables before fixing the TV to the wall– power cable, but also Scart socket, HDMI cable, Home Cinema wiring, etc.

Select the exact location of your TV wall mount

View your room before attaching the wall bracket and TV. You will need sufficient distance between the screen and yourself, and probably additional space to connect the home theater speakers or to install a device (Blu-ray player, game console). Also make sure you choose a sturdy wall that supports the weight of your TV or, if not, reinforce it before you start.

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