5 Top Dictionary Apps for iPhones and iPad

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Whether you’re a student, worker or preacher, you need good communication skills to express yourself in the best manner. Having a dictionary by your side can improve your vocabulary and give you the meaning of any word you’re looking for. With dictionary apps on your iPhone, it can be a lot more easier than having a bulky physical dictionary. We have below 5 top dictionary apps for iPhones.

5 Top Dictionary Apps for iOS

  1. Merriam-Webster

If you need an app for reference and vocabulary building, then Merriam-Webster would be a good choice for you. The vocabulary building quizzes in this app will help you learn new words and test your vocabulary. Voice search is also available to enable you to search for any word comfortably. Using the integrated thesaurus, you can find out the synonyms and antonyms of any word.


  1. Ninjawords Dictionary

Ninjawords Dictionary is based on three ninja facts which are smart, fast, and deadly accurate. The app also boasts of freshness, high quality, and ease of use. You’ll see the words on the same page while you’re looking them up, avoiding flipping back and forth through page after page. Other interesting features include recent, favorites, a thesaurus, and pronunciations.


  1. Dictionary.com

With Dictionary.com, you can browse offline and it comes with a wide range of features like “Word of the Day”, rhyming, slang dictionaries, and more. You can also hear the audio pronunciations of words and it contains over 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. On first launch, you’ll be prompted to download all the necessary files so you can get the best of the dictionary without connecting to the internet.


  1. Concise English Dictionary

Having a word database of over 4.9 million, this dictionary makes the list. Audio pronunciations of each word can be heard in American, British, and Australian English. An internet connection is not required to use the Concise English Dictionary. It does not contain ads and in-app purchases. It also features a clean interface and nice layout. If you’re looking for a simple dictionary app that contains millions of words, zero add-ons, and a good interface, then you should go for the Concise English Dictionary.


  1. Webster’s New World Dictionary

This is a well-recognized dictionary and the official dictionary of the Associated Press, so you should expect something decent. Its small database of 10MB containing an average amount of words tells you that it is speedy. It only lacks the etymology from the print edition. If that were a deal-breaker, then I would avoid this one. But if not, go download it!



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