5 Working Battery Saver Apps to make your battery last long


These are the 5 Working Battery Saver Apps to make your battery life last longer. These apps can be of help to make our battery last long. For those heavy battery drainers, you should at least have one of these applications below so your phone’s battery can stay for a long time. However, before getting these apps, there are certain things you need to do as well to improve your battery’s life.

If you would like to save your battery’s life, then you should Endeavour to uninstall applications you are not using again, reduce your screen brightness also, another thing is that, you should try to use black wallpapers and themes, especially on OLED screen. In addition, you should also stop playing games and try using WI-FI, i.e. if there is a WIFI connection around instead of using your phone’s data connection.

1. Greenify

This is absolutely one of the strongest battery saver applications you can find for Android users, it’s also well known on Google Play Store. Like the name implies, it takes notes of applications that are consuming your battery life frequently, from there you should be able to stop these applications or even clear them totally. The application can also assist in stopping pointless applications running in the background.

It works easily for rooted phones and unrooted devices too. Even though you’ll see the App’s full features if your smartphone has been rooted. All the features on the application are free, but you can help them by donating $2.99 if you want.

Get the app here.

2. Amplify

Amplfy works best only with rooted phones and it’s exciting as well. It comes with very good potential, you should expect more from Amplify as it assists in identifying applications that prevent your phone from going to sleep mode. It also allows you to know about other pointless applications running on your phone. It’s also totally free to use as well.

You can get the app here.

 3. GSam Battery Monitor

This app works for both unrooted devices and rooted devices, it’s also a very popular battery saver application and you should give it a try. Even though it doesn’t actually save your battery life, the app has the ability to give you all the necessary information you will need to know about the applications draining your battery.

Get this app here.

4. Servicely

This app is always good at what it does. It renders its services properly. It works with only rooted devices and certainly one of the top battery saver applications for Android users. It robotically stops whatever is pointlessly running on your phone and draining your battery life. It’s very simple to use compared to other apps with lots of options.

Get the app here.

5. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock detector rings a bell in one’s mind. This app is definitely one of the top battery saver applications for Android. It helps to identify wakelocks, both full and partial wakelocks. You’ll also see the full list of all the applications that are draining your battery. You can now take action by uninstalling the applications, clear the App’s data or, force stop them. It works absolutely well for rooted phones.

You can get the app here.


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