5G comes to rugged phones for the first time – Blackview BL6000 Pro 5G is on the way

Undoubtedly 5G phones are taking the lead in the mobile industry. For a consumer, it’s always exciting to get a product with distinctive features. That’s why the phone manufacturers rack the brains to bring out the unique part of each phone and give it some really interesting names, like the world’s first 5G phone, the thinnest 5G phone. But today we’re going to introduce a new breed — the toughest 5G rugged phone, Blackview BL6000 Pro 5G, which has 5G ultra-fast connectivity and outstanding waterproof, drop-proof, and dustproof performance.

Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 002
Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 002

The Blackview BL6000 Pro is made with tough material and meets IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810G certification. In general, it can withstand water immersion, drops, bumps, and shocks. This means you can feel free to take it to the beach, construction sites, and any harsh environments without wearing a waterproof pouch or worrying it getting drowned or broken.

Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 003
Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 003

Besides, the Blackview BL6000 Pro features an IceMode – withstand -30℃ – in other words, it can perform Phone, Message, Contacts, Camera normally even in a freezing temperature as low as -30℃ when other phones shiver to shut down automatically. That’s a real shining point as the winter is around the corner. In terms of this respect, no other phones out there yield the pale to this.

Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 004
Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 004

Before the BL6000 Pro, no other rugged phones were 5G powered. With 5G strength, the BL6000 Pro can totally change your rugged phone experience. You can expect including but not limited to high-quality video conferencing, as well as a premium experience for watching live and 4K video streams or playing cloud and online games with friends.

Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 005
Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 005

And the camera is another strong feature about the phone. It’s equipped with Sony® IMX582 triple rear camera and Samsung® S5K3P9-SP 16MP front camera, coupled with superior processing software and rich features (PortraitColor, HDR, Night Mode, Underwater, Ultra-Wide, 4K 30fps, 1080P 60fps). It’s worth mentioning that our engineers put much effort into optimizing the camera software, so you can expect the best camera result in any other rugged phone.

Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 006
Blackview Bl6000 Pro 5g 006

More Blackview BL6000 Pro 5G key specs:

  • * Advanced FHD+ punch hole display
  • * 5280mAh battery
  • * Android 10 OS
  • * GPS & GLONASS & Beidou & Galileo
  • * Air pressure sensor
  • * Fingerprint
  • * NFC

Well, who should take a serious look at this phone?

  1. People who love to do outdoor activities that need to be ready for unpredictable weather or other elements, like muddy roads, or accidental violence.
  2. People who work in harsh environments where water, rough grounds could cause harm to the phone at any time.
  3. People who have ever experienced costing a fortune for phone repair after dropping into water, or rough ground, and don’t want to experience any heartbreaking.
  4. People who love to try something new, or want to be the first to experience how 5G works in a rugged phone, or just want to get a unique device to show off.

At present, Blackview only revealed that the phone will be first available on Indiegogo. About the price and the availability time, there’s no more light on this. Let’s see if this phone can also be the best phone for the price when the price comes out.

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