6 Best Interactive Games Like Choices for Android

In interactive games like Choices, you get to make choices that will influence the way things will turn out. In real life truly, we make choices that have an effect in the turnout of our lives and this approach is employed in Choices and other interactive takes. Choices is a very addictive game and many users all over the world play the game to catch the fun and ease off boredom. Aside from Choices, there are other games that work the same way it works though they may have different storylines. In this article, we have curated six interactive games like Choices.

Best Games Like Choices for Android

1. Mystic Messenger

Developed by Cheritz Co, Inc., Mystic Messenger is an interactive game like Choices that connects you to a mystic group where you enjoy the fun. Launching the app takes you on a story that can only begin until you’ve joined their secret party. You meet your team players and you’re giving the job of organizing the third party which the member of the RFA is looking for. You’re expected to do this through guest’s invitation. On your journey in the game, you can unlock new routes, background, objects, and various other things and you can also play in more than 7 characters.


2. What’s your story

This is another popular game like Choices suitable for Android and iOS phones. The game gives you the freedom to choose your path while you’re playing. Dress with different attires and fashion so that you’re stylish. What’s your story is an offline game that requires no internet to play. The game is free to download but to get the best of it, you may consider subscribing.


3. Adventure Capitalist

You can download Adventure Capitalist as an alternative to Choices. It focuses on business and capitals just as you can guess from its name. Just like Choices, it offers fun and it is intriguing. Start your own company and enjoy the process. You can employ staff and let your business be a top player in the industry or market.


4. The Arcana

Nix Hydra Inc. created The Arcana and it is a mystery and romance game that enables you to make choices. Many people enjoy the game as they can relate with their most likely characters and make interesting choices. Choices can be made via an otome-inspired, interactive murder mystery story, you choose your own pronouns and so on. You get into an interesting adventure where you make choices that shape your own story. You meet various character and you have to secure their trust in you. Download now to enjoy some mystery and romance.


5. Always Remember Me

This is a romantic comedy interactive game. It is a game like Choices that has its main character based on romantic comedy. Android and iOS users can download this app on their phone. The storyline of the game is about a girl that looks for possible ways of getting her boyfriend’s memories restored by reminding him of the foundation their relationship was based. It is an interesting game that features fun and cool choices.


6. High School Story

If you’re a student or you want to experience in this virtual world, the life of students. High School Story gives you the opportunity of creating the school of your dreams. The game allows you to do what a student would do like going to date, arranging parties, playing games and much more. There are things to unlock to enjoy more interesting activities. The game lets you explore and whatever you want.


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