7 awesome Applications for your Android Gallery


These are the 7 awesome applications for your android gallery. Although every android phone comes with a gallery application already installed on the phone.

However, there are many gallery applications on Google Play Store that will absolutely give you more premium function to edit your gallery and add more awesome features.

1. Google Photos

This application comes already installed with most Android devices. It’s one of the top gallery applications for Android phones. Its cloud storage is cool; you can save all your photos and videos in the application.

You can get this app here.

2. A+ Gallery

This is totally one of the top gallery applications for Android users, it’s also a well-known app on the Google Play Store which has millions of downloads. This easy gallery application allows you to create albums and to share the photos with no difficulty. There’s also support for Amazon Cloud, Dropbox, and Facebook, it’s very simple to use.

Get the app here.

3. Gallery Vault

As the name implies, it’s a Vault for your gallery. In this app, you will be able to create a private vault for your photos and hide them from prying eyes. You can also hide photos and videos from family and friends. It is also possible to hide the app icon, so people won’t see your photos and even the app entirely. If you need privacy for your videos and photos, we suggest this app.

You can get the app here.

4. FOTO Gallery

This photo gallery application does all the things you’d expect from a gallery application and it even does more. It has a trouble-free design which is very exciting and inviting to run. You can also arrange all your photos to the style you want them. You can also use this app to hide private albums.

Get the app here.

4. F-Stop Gallery

This Application has been on the ground for some time now, it has a cool design that’s simple to use and move from one place to another. It’s an all-around application, you can categorize your videos and photos with tags, the app also allows and plays GIFs.

You can get the app here.

6. Photo Gallery HD & Editor

As the name implies, this app comes with an editor that allows you to edit your images. Unlike other photo editing applications, you can use this for the gallery and it’s very cool and light to use and enjoy. You can rotate, crop, flip, and even apply filters if you want to. It also loads photos quicker than most gallery applications.

You can get the app here.

7. PhotoMap

PhotoMap is fun and it comes with exciting features. You can see all the images taken at a precise location. The map in the app will help you to view the places you took the pictures from. It comes with AR potential, and you can go to the beach on the application through the map to see all the images you’ve taken at that beach.

You can get this app here.


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