7 Major Things to Consider Before Buying a New Phone In 2022

Have you been asking questions like “What phone should I buy?” or looking for a guide like “please help me choose a smartphone“. In this article, we shall take a look at 7 important things you must consider before buying a new phone in 2022.

Buying a new mobile phone has sort of now been made easier because there are a number of different types of mobile phones available in the market today. This difference ranges from sizes, shapes, designs, styles, and specifications.

There are so many different models with all sorts of advanced features and sophisticated software that deciding which one to purchase can turn into a real challenge. So, to help you with your decision-making, I put together 7 things you must consider before buying a phone in 2022.

Things to Consider Before Buying A New Phone

1. The Operating System

There are three major operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows. All of them have their different pros and cons you should look into carefully before making your decision.

Android offers endless customizable possibilities, this is why it is gaining in popularity today.

Hence, if you are craving a sophisticated look and unique design then iOS is your best choice. Windows may be the last option to catch up with the two other operating systems, but if you love to have an effective camera feature then it can be a great choice.

2. Memory

Phones have two kinds of memory – Random Access Memory (RAM) and Read-Only Memory (ROM). RAM, along with the processor of your phone, determines the speed of the phone and its ease of operation.

The ROM is the memory that is used to store the OS, apps, and all the videos, photos, and songs that you want to store on the phone.

Therefore, it stands to reason that phones with higher RAM will be faster and those with higher ROM will have more storage. An average user should be happy with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. But if you are a heavy user, go for a phone with at least 4-6 GB RAM and 64-128GB ROM. To extend your ROM you can also use a micro SD memory card, but remember, apps that are stored and run from memory cards tend to be slower.

3. Battery

This is a major issue for countries with electricity problems like Nigeria. If you are the kind of user who is likely to have multiple apps open simultaneously or you take a lot of pictures or you are a heavy consumer of video-streaming and gaming apps. Then you need a mobile phone with a good battery.

Heavy online usage tends to drain batteries faster. If you belong to this category of users, then it is better to go for a phone with a long-lasting battery of about 4500MAH

4. Screen Display

For the best user experience, a phone with a 6 – 6.5 -inch HD or QHD display is usually an ideal option. This will allow you to enjoy a rich media experience while being easy to carry in your pocket or purse. So go for something of this nature.

5. Processor

Much like smartphone cameras, there is a lot of hype about processors with jargon like quad-core, octa-core, Snapdragon, MediaTek, and so on. Here is a simple thumb rule. Look at the processing speed that is expressed in terms of GigaHertz (GHz).

The higher the speed, the faster the processor. If you are going to do a lot of photo/video editing or play online games and stream videos, opt for a faster processor which will be extremely beneficial to you.

6. Camera

Something important to note is that the camera or image quality does not come as a result of just MegaPixels. Good quality Photos are a function of factors like ISO levels, aperture as well as the speed of autofocus.

If you are likely to take a lot of pictures, then go for a phone with a 16 MP camera that has an aperture of f/2.0 or lower, for good results even in low light. If your use of the camera is not likely to be heavy, a phone with an 8-12 MP camera and an aperture of f/2.2 should be fine for you.

7. The Budget

It is important to determine the price range that you can afford before buying a phone.

If you start searching for a new mobile blindly, it is very easy to be lost for choice because there are several smartphone options for you.