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Refund Game On Steam
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Are you aware that you can request refund for a game on Steam and receive what you asked for within 7 working days? However, be aware that in most cases, even if Steam initiates the refund, your bank can delay it from reflecting in your account for whatever reason.

Not to worry, because if such a situation occurs, you only have to reach out to your bank for more information on how to receive the Steam refund, and it should be sorted out. Be aware that as you ask Steam for a refund and your request is approved within 24 hours, this automatically cancels your subscription, and Steam will then drop off the charges to your bank.

For local customers, asking for a game refund might take up to ten days for the transaction to be completed, and for you to be credited. For international customers, the time needed to complete the transaction varies and it’ll depend on your bank. Let’s show you How To Refund A Game On Steam:

How Can I Refund A Game On Steam?

Simply adhere to the instructions below to cancel your Steam game subscription and request a game refund:

  • Head to the Steam Help Centre and get yourself signed in to your Steam account. If you cannot remember your account login, use “Help I Can’t Sign In” to request your Steam login details.
  • Choose “Purchase” under “Stream Support” after logging into your Stream account.
Refund Game On Steam
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  • The list of all your purchases will be visible. Now, locate the game you wish to cancel, request a refund and then click on it.
Refund Game On Steam
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  • As soon as you click on the game, the game options will be seen. Choose the problem you are having with the product you want a refund on. Maybe you bought the game mistakenly, or you are battling a gameplay or technical issue.
  • Choose “I’d Like To Request A Refund,” as soon as you select the issues you have with the product.
Refund Game On Steam
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  • Now, the Steam game refund form will be visible, fill it properly and tap “Submit.” Under “Refund,” choose where you wish to refund to. You can select “Refund To My Wallet,” which will refund to your Steam game wallet once approved. You can also refund to the original payment method to deposit the fund bank into your account.
  • An email will then be sent to the email address that is attached to your Steam account, the account you made the refund request on.

The Steam Team will immediately begin the process, and once the process is completed, your refund should happen.

Can I Refund Steam Game Pre-order?

Yes, but there is a catch. Steam actually allows you to cancel a pre-order game if you change your mind about it, however, this has to be done before the release of the product. Also, to get the refund to your bank account, you would need to fill the Steam game refund form within 3 months of your pre-order, else, your refund will not go back into the original payment method, but into your Steam wallet credits.

That is that.


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