Forgot Or Lost FireStick Remote? Here Are Other Alternatives

Lost FireStick Remote Alternatives
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Any remote, including the FireStick remote, going missing is never a palatable experience, especially when it is badly needed to do what it was bought for. It is fine if it goes missing for a while till you find it under the couch, but when it’s nowhere to be found for a long time, it could be very frustrating.

As you already know, these remotes are quite small in size, so they can easily go missing once in a while when you least expect. However, not to worry, there are temporary ways to navigate your TV even without a physical remote. Let’s break down very simple ways to go about this with steps you’ll easily understand. See Forgot Or Lost FireStick Remote? Here Are Other Alternatives:

Navigate And Control The FireStick Without The Remote:

1. When The Firestick Remote Is Lost Within The House:

Do you know that your mobile phone can also serve as an alternative remote to navigate and control the FireStick? It’s shocking I know, but yes, it is very possible. Are you connected to the same network your FireStick is connected to? If yes, just log into the app and start using your mobile device as a remote whenever you want. To make it happen, Install the Fire TV app from the Play Store or the App Store. After installing it, open it from the application drawer. After that, if you are on the same network, your firestick should pop up automatically on the app without forcing you to log in. Once you click on the Fire TV Stick on your smartphone, it will prompt you to type in a 4 digit PIN on the app.

Lost FireStick Remote Alternatives
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The code will be visible on the TV, just enter the code to connect the Fire TV remote app to your FireStick. As soon as everything is set up, your application will look like what you see below.

This is the digital remote for the FireStick and you can swipe on the empty area to simulate arrow keys and click the empty space to Press OK. Users can head to Settings, use Alexa, type URLs with the smartphone keyboard, etc with the remote applications.

Lost FireStick Remote Alternatives
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This app is a brilliant alternative to the regular remote and it can be used anytime your remote goes missing or you are too lazy to get it.

2. When You Lose The Firestick Remote Away From Home:

Connecting the smartphone application with the Fire TV Stick was simple because it was connected to your Home Wi-Fi, however, if you are away from your house and you did not remember to take the remote with you, we can also help. 2 smartphones are needed, one to work as the remote for the FireStick and the other to create a WiFi hotspot. Sadly, iPhone’s hotspot name is not changeable, so you should use a Mac computer, a Windows computer, or an Android smartphone with a working internet connection.

Like we did above, install the Fire TV application on your mobile phone, get yourself logged in with your Amazon credentials, and note it somewhere safe. After that, create a Wi-Fi hotspot with the same credentials as your home Wi-Fi. Be aware that the Wi-Fi name and password are both case-sensitive, therefore your hotspot should be created with that in mind.

Lost FireStick Remote Alternatives
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Creating a brand new hotspot using the same name/password that your FireStick was formerly connected to is compulsory. After that, connect the Fire TV Stick to the TV and power it on. Expect it to connect to the WiFi Hotspot you just created as soon as possible, so you can simply connect your mobile device to the same WiFi network.

That is that. Your Fire TV Stick will instantly come alive on the Fire TV remote via the hotspot you recently created. You are even allowed to modify the WiFi if you wish to use the FireStick in the new environment, just head to “Settings” on the Fire TV Stick, tap “Network,” and then choose “WiFi Network.”

3. Use A Keyboard Or A Mouse With The FireStick:

The methods explained above will help you if you need total functionality when your remote is gone, however, if you want to access the net on sideloaded FireStick apps like a web browser, the FireStick is not home to features you’d expect from a full-sized keyboard. Not to worry though, because connecting to an external mouse or a keyboard using a micro USB splitter from Amazon will definitely help.

There you go, if you ever forget or misplace your FireStick Remote and you don’t know what to do about your situation, this tutorial breaks down what you should do and how to go about it.


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