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Access WhatsApp Banking – How To Make Use Of It

Access WhatsApp Banking was Introduced not long ago as a. An alternative way to perform basic banking activities. This time, through WhatsApp. This is coming after UBA released the same Feature not long ago, being the first to do so. I would like to think that almost every one with a smartphone in this era has the WhatsApp Application installed and uses it as their primary means of contacting people. How great would it be if you could chat with Access bank on WhatsApp and have then carried out transactions for you? Well, that is now a reality with the Access WhatsApp Banking feature.

The Access WhatsApp Banking, according to Access, is the alternative channel that provides financial services to existing and potential customers through the use of WhatsApp application, leveraging on the real-time messaging capabilities of the Whatsapp platform. This, to me, is a welcome development as you perform banking activities like check your account balance, Buy airtime, transfer money, pay bills and much more, all from your WhatsApp Application. Want to do all this from WhatsApp? Follow the instructions below.

How To Setup Access WhatsApp Banking

You will need to have the WhatsApp Application Installed on your phone along with an active internet connection. If your phone can’t download WhatsApp or you have an internet connection, you can simply make use of the USSD banking which offers similar features. If you have WhatsApp Installed with an active internet connection, simply follow the steps below.

  • Add this number to your contacts list – +2349090901901
  • You can save the number with whatever you want but I’ll recommend Access Bank WhatsApp or Access WhatsApp Banking for easy identification.

  • Now Open your WhatsApp Application, Locate the newly added contacts and Send them “Hi”

  • A Menu will appear, Select Register.

  • Input your first and last name.

  • Input your email address.

  • Input your Access Bank account number.

  • The Access WhatsApp Banking Registration has been completed.

  • Access WhatsApp Banking will ask if further assistance is needed.

  • Access WhatsApp Banking ends the session.

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First was UBA, Now access has followed suit with their WhatsApp Banking. Other banks such as GTB and FirstBank have also indicated interest in the WhatsApp Banking, promising to roll out theirs soon. When that happens, we will be here to show you how to go about it.

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