How To Adjust Screen Sensitivity On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

In this guide, we will be showing ways to adjust screen sensitivity on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Some users of this amazing device have already started having issue with their screen. Some say they have to press too hard to the screen to react to their touch which as we all know is a problem with the Screen sensitivity. So we will be teaching just how to fix the problem.

How To Adjust Screen Sensitivity On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A phone’s screen is perhaps the most important part of a touchscreen phone so when it starts misbehaving or causing you to press extra hard for the touches to work then it becomes a problem. Now, There is no option or a specific way to adjust Screen sensitivity but we will be showing you some tips and trick to achieve the same feat and make your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen more responsive.

  1. Take Off The Case – This is usually the case with all screen sensitivity issues on most touchscreen smartphones. The case might be touching the four edges of the screen and interfering with your touches. Also, it might be that the case is just too tight and doesn’t give your phone some breathing room. So taking off the case should be your first course of action. If you take of the case or you have no case and the problem still persists then check the next step.
  2. Take Off The Screen Protector – A good this good and this expensive, it’s only normal to try to protect by getting it a 2.5D or 5D glass protector, I understand. However, this screen protector might be the culprit here as there might some air logged in between the phone screen and the screen protector cause the screen issues. So to be sure it isn’t the protector, take it off and try using your phone without it. If this fixes the problem then you’ll have to live without using a screen protector or try a new one. However, if this doesn’t work then move on to the next step.

  3. Update Your Software – if your software isn’t up to date and there is an update available for your device then you might want to update as the problem might be software related as has been fixed in a newer update. So make sure you check for updates. To do this, Go to Settings >> About >> Software >> Check For Updates. If you get a notification about a new update then you’ll have to update and hope it fixes the problem.


If after trying the above methods and you are still having issues concerning screen sensitivity on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Device then you might consider the fact that the phone might be damaged or have a hardware related problem. If you’re within your warranty coverage then I Suggest taking it to Samsung to have a look at and check if you would be needing a replacement.


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