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Adobe Indesign – What it is and what it is for

Adobe is one of the most well-known software developers worldwide. Under his name, we find a lot of programs, of many different types. One of the programs that the firm has under its belt is Adobe Indesign. Many may have heard this name, although many people do not know at all what this program is for.

Adobe Indesign – What it is and what it is for

Therefore, below we will talk more about this software. So that you know more about what it is and the usefulness that it offers us. Since surely there are people to whom this program will be of enormous utility.

What Adobe Indesign is and what it is for

Adobe Indesign is an editorial design application for computers, compatible with Windows and MacOS. Thanks to this application it is possible to carry out all kinds of projects. From the creation of magazines, books of all types (physical or electronic) or periodicals to the creation of a flyer or promotional triptych. In short, a tool of the most versatile and a necessity for layout designers.

In fact, it is the number one application in this regard. It is the one that the professionals around the world use, for the versatility that it offers and the many functions that are available in it. A quality program that gives many guarantees. In addition, its design has evolved over time and has certain similarities with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator CC. Thanks to this it is easier to make use of this application if you have used any of the others previously.

Therefore, the vast majority of users who have to deal with editorial projects use Adobe Indesign. The program offers a large number of templates and settings established by default, which make its operation easier. It also stands out for accepting a large number of formats, be they photos, audio or video. What gives many possibilities to the developers who work with this software.

Not only can you work with many formats when editing this material, since you can also export this final project in many formats. Adobe Indesign allows the user to export content in JPG, PNG or Flash formats, among many others. Facilitating in this way the work by the user, who always finds a format with which it is compatible.

From Adobe know that many contents are published directly on the Internet today. That’s why they introduced a tool called Publish Online with Adobe Indesign. What this tool allows is that these contents can be published on the Internet in a very simple way, besides fast. Thus, everything you think using the program will be launched on the network as soon as possible.

Prices and versions

The program can be purchased directly on the Adobe website itselfThere are several plans available, mostly being possible to download the program as part of Creative Cloud, which includes other developer programs. The plans that we are currently in are:

  • InDesign as part of Creative Cloud: € 29.99 per month (VAT not included)
  • Creative Cloud applications (including Indesign) for students and teachers: 19.66 euros per month (VAT not included)
  • Creative applications, plan for companies: 29.99 euros per month (VAT not included)

In short, we can see that Adobe Indesign is an application of enormous utility for companies, or people who want to develop their career as a designer of documents or content. Thanks to this program we have all the necessary tools for this. And Adobe continues to introduce improvements and functions over time, adapting in this way to the needs of the market.

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