Alcatel 1T 10, 1T 7 and 3T 8, the new light and super-performing tablets

TCL announces the arrival of perfect tablets for every use.

The already wide range of products signed by TCL Communication will be further expanded, thanks to the arrival of the new Alcatel 1T 10, 1T 7 and 3T 8 tablets, designed for both work and leisure time for the whole family.

The new Alcatel 1T 10 and 1T 7

The first of Alcatel’s new arrivals is the 1T tablet. The latter will enter the market in two versions, a 10-inch and a pocket-size 7.

The main selling point of the device will be its lightness – its weight of only 415 grams have in fact allowed users to carry the tab about without much difficulty compared to some tablet devices in its class. This feature, combined with the presence of features like Family Care, Safe Kids, and Eye Care, will also make the tablet perfect for the needs of all family members.

Do you want a device to use for work? 1T will still be for you – to support its performance will be the battery that, respectively for 1T 10 and 1T 7, will be 4000 mAh and 2580 mAh. Further stability and comfort will be provided by the Bluetooth keyboard, sold separately.

Both versions can also count on the support provided by the Android operating system Oreo (Go Edition), designed to use less storage space and leave the user free to take advantage of the integrated memory at best.

The 10-inch 1T tablet is available in Premium Black and Bluish Black at a price of € 109.00, while the 7-inch version can be purchased in the same colors at a price of  € 69.00.

3T 8 for “On the Go” use


Working on the move has never been easier, thanks to the Alcatel 3T 8 tablet. The latter, in its only 279 grams, contains a long battery capacity of 4080 mAh and an LTE 4G connection, both perfect to guarantee a smooth and fast user experience.

Despite its nature as a device for work, 3T 8 can also be exploited by the family, thanks to the presence of all the functions of the Family Care group. Like the two devices previously described, this model will also be able to count on the new Android operating system Oreo (Go Edition).

3T 8 is available in Metallic Black and Suede Blue with a matte finish at a price of € 129.00. 



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