All Default Usernames and Passwords for Top Routers in 2023


    To log in to any router, you need usernames and passwords. In this article, you will get to know the default login usernames and passwords for some of the well-recognized models this year.

    Knowing this information really helps in making use of the latest and top-class routers out there.

    Tips for Finding Default Router’s Login Details

    Most popular routers manufacturing companies like HP, D-Link, Cisco, Compaq, Linksys, Asus, ZTE, and others make use of the same login information, such as “admin” in the username and password, while others like Apple, or Samsung don’t.

    1. One good idea is to look in the router manual. Maybe you may not be able to get the login details from all the various manuals but you will get it for sure in some of the manuals. It should be the first place to look for ease of finding it.
    2. Do the guesswork secondly. It is of utmost benefit for you to know that most routers have a default username and password “admin” which means you have to type the word in both username and password spaces. It won’t work in all cases, but it is worth a try. Some have discovered that the password is good to be left blank at times. But in case you want to know, default passwords could be either “admin” or “password” without the quote marks.
    3. The default login details could also be written on the router hardware itself. They are usually found at the side of every router.

    Router Passwords

    Reset Your Router to Go Back to Default Login Details

    The following tip will help you find your router’s default login information if you or someone had previously set a username and password for the router after it was set up.

    1. Reset the router so that you can obtain the default login details by pressing and holding the reset button found on the hardware. Immediately, the router will reboot and go back to factory settings. Now, you can enter the default login username and password. From there, you can set another new username and password as you wish.

    What If You Can’t Find Default Login Details of Your Router?

    Yes, this could happen if you lost the manual or the default details for login into the router are not written on the hardware. How can you locate the router login details? Here below is a list of 10 common default router usernames and passwords.

    Router BrandDefault IP AddressDefault UsernameDefault Password
    Apple iPhone iOS4.Xhttps://
    Huawei ADSL2+
    Telco systemshttps://

    192 168 1 1 Login Admin Page Username Password Wireless Router Settings

    Last Resort to Finding Default Router’s Username and Password

    If all the tips above don’t work, you could visit this website for a more comprehensive list. Hopefully, you can find what you need there. Remember that some big names in the industry like we earlier mentioned also have different router models and they use different IPs with different login details. So, if the default login details mentioned above don’t serve your needs, the comprehensive list on the website will do.