Top 10 Alternatives to Audible for Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks has become the normal way of learning in this modern era, where everyone is busy and has no time to read.  Listening to audiobooks makes learning very simple because you can listen to your favorite book while working, taking a walk down the street, or while in the gym. However, book lovers will always like to read.

One of the most popular audiobooks on the internet is audible. Owned by the giant tech company amazon, audible has become the go-to favourite place for many people when they want an audiobook.  But if you want to know the best alternative audiobook platforms to audible, then keep reading because in this article, I have listed the top 10 alternatives to audible for audiobooks both free and paid that you can enjoy your favorite books from.

Audible has two plans; the AudiblePlus and the AudiblePremiumPlus. The AudiblePlus cost $7.99/month, and you get unlimited access to thousands of books that includes originals, audiobooks, and podcast, while the AudiblePremiumPlus cost $14.99/month, and you get unlimited access to thousands of books that includes originals, audiobooks, podcast and also 1 premium selection title per month that is yours to keep.

Audible can be expensive for those that are not financially stable. If you are looking for audible alternatives, keep reading.

1. AudioBooks Now

audiobooks now
audiobooks now

With more than 200,000 audiobooks, Audiobooks Now is a very good and powerful alternative to audible. Further,  it also suggests books based on what you enjoy listening to so that you always have something nice to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Compared with the Audible pricing fee of $14.99 per month, the Club pricing plan is $4.99. And also  Club Pricing Plan gives you 50% off your first audiobook each month and 35-40% off everything else. Another good thing about Audiobook Now is that it gets cheaper as you buy more books. Compare to Audible, this is very cheap and a great alternative to Audible. It has available apps for both Android and iOS.

2. Nook Audiobook

nook audiobook
nook audiobook

If you are not the type that reads frequently, then this one is for you because it has no monthly subscription service, you will only pay for what you read. With a collection of about 60,000 titles, which is less than another audible alternative. Nook Audiobook is available on all major platforms. The User Interface is modern and clean, easy to use.

3. DownPour


DownPour is a  popular book reading service provider with over 80,000 audiobooks available on the platform. It has an application that gives you customizations option such as- adjusting the narration speed, etc., while listening to an audiobook, you can also make a quick note, so you don’t have to forget important points.

Downpour offers Audiobook rentals meaning you don’t own the Audiobook; instead, you just rent it like you would rent a movie. Using the app, you can search for titles by releases, genres, and more. You can also get a built-in sleep timer that turns off the app once it goes off so that you don’t have to turn it off before going to sleep.

The subscription price of DownPour is $12.99 per month.

4. Scribd


Scribd is one of the best Audible alternatives to audible. Some would say it is better than Audible. Scribe has a collection of 150,000 ebooks plus audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, and articles on its platform. It has a nice user interface that you can interact with and also features some customizations options.

You can customize the narration speeds and can also set up a sleep timer and many more. Scribd comes at $8.99 that is way cheaper than Audible. If you are looking for a cheaper Audible alternative, it can certainly be a smart pick.

5. Overdrive


Overdrive is the digital form of your library at the palm of your hands. The reason is that Overdrive has partnered with over 30,000 libraries located in over 40 countries. What this means is that if you are a member of a public library that is part of Overdrive, you can access all the audiobooks at Overdrive for free.

What you need is your valid library card. The library is free to use, and the collection is huge also, Overdrive comes with a built-in audio player.

If the books are in your library, you can find and borrowed them on overdrive.  You can also download mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

7. Estories


Estories is an audible alternative that offers more than 120,000 books from various genres, languages, categories, etc. The subscription cost for Estories is higher than Audible, but it is worth every penny. When looking for a title that is not on other platforms, then this is your choice.

You can search for the bestsellers and releases in genres such as history, humor, fantasy, thrillers, self-help, and more. It also has a sleep timer that turns off the playback automatically once the alarm goes off. This app automatically syncs with 10 devices at the same time.

It features unlimited cloud storage that you can use to upload your own audiobooks and enjoy the listening experience at your own pace. You can download the audiobooks and listen to them offline. There are three types of subscription- basic, plus, and premium that starts at $11.99 per month.

It has an application for Android and iOS-based devices.

8. Google Play Audiobooks

google play audiobooks
google play audiobooks

Google has also started selling audiobooks on the Google Play Store. As of now, they are also offering 50 percent off your first audiobook purchase, and unlike Audible, purchase audiobooks without a subscription. It had Basic features like listening up to 2x speed, sleep timer, and sync across multiple devices. The audiobooks are available in 45 countries and in nine languages.

Since this is coming from Google, it syncs with Google Drive, and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. It also features a pay-per-book model, which means you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription but just what you subscribe for. It has offline downloads and listening features as well.

there is no subscription model or fixed price. Every audiobook has a different price.

Download Google Play Audiobooks

9. Libby


If you enjoyed OverDrive,  then you may also like “Libby,” which is from the same company. Just like OverDrive, Libby comes with a mammoth collection of ebooks and audiobooks.

If you have a  valid card from a library, you will have access to tons of books to read and listen to. The platform lets you download all of your favorite audiobooks. This is to ensure your audiobook listening never comes to an unexpected stop.

Libby has great features, So if you always look for a personalized experience, you don’t be disappointed. When it comes to synchronization, the platform is up to the task. Everything from your loans to bookmarks is synced across the devices so that you can seamlessly move from one device to the other without giving a long break to your audiobook listening.

You can make the most of it without having to spend many bulks, which makes it a much better option for those that find Audible expensive. Libby is a great free substitute for Audible.

Download Libby

10. Kobo Books

kobo books
kobo books

Kobo Books is a nice and also a good alternative to Audible. It has more than 5 million ebooks and audiobooks that you can listen to on both Android phones and iOS. It features a large collection of audiobooks in its library, and you can easily sort it out based on categories or via the search bar. It has an option to get a preview of the audiobooks before deciding to buy. Kobo Books has a cheaper monthly subscription.

Furthermore, it features Sleep Timer, which is best for a bedtime story because it will go silent once the alarm goes off. The night mode helps users to stay at ease during nighttime listening and reading.  The app is very easy to play, and it packs plenty of customization options. It also allows you to post quotes on social media platforms.


One of the reasons many prefer an alternative to Audiobooks is because of some customization and the price as well. So here you have the best alternatives of Audiobook you can check out.

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