Amazon Receives Mounting Pressure to Accept Dogecoin


Amazon, the number 1 online shopping portal worldwide, has received up to 130,000 petitions to accept Dogecoin after its price surge.

Dogecoin experienced a major price surge last week.

After that, a “Doge4Amazon – Accept Dogecoin as a payment method” petition was posted on, claiming that Amazon is avoiding the opportunity to do business with many people who don’t have a traditional bank account because it doesn’t offer Dogecoin.

Dogecoin is named after a popular meme of the Japanese Shiba Inu dog. The cryptocurrency started as a joke in 2013, as the founders didn’t expect it to reach this level. Recently, however, the price of Dogecoin has skyrocketed. Its valuation is now nearly $50 billion, as CoinMarketCap data reveals.

Amazon Dogecoin
Amazon Dogecoin

Those petitioning Amazon to begin accepting the cryptocurrency said that it is fast, cheap, and stable. Furthermore, it has the lowest transaction fee of other major coins, it also has a huge supply of coins, and has a very large, active community with ongoing development.

At the moment, no major business, whether online or offline is making use of Dogecoin as means of payment for their products. The good news is that many small business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs are already using Dogecoin, to which the petition also attests.

The cryptocurrency has been receiving major popularity in recent months because in part, high profile celebrities and business leaders like Tesla CEO Elon Musk and a popular rapper, Snoop Dogg who tweeted about it.

Apart from those, the cryptocurrency has gained recognition from SatoshiStreetBets, a forum on the Reddit website. The forum was used to prompt a huge surge in Dogecoin last week.


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