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Amazon’s Fire TV Cube Gets Enhanced Voice Control

The world is moving into a sphere where man may not need to do a lot as he can command a lot of things to happen and have these at his beck and call. In view of this, a latest Amazon innovation report claims that Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is now more hands-off as users can now do more with voice control.

Voice-powered artificial assistants have also had a yearning to let everyone in the world know that everything is better only when you can control using just your voice. It is like a new lease of life.

So, these days, actions like using the old-fashioned method of navigation by pressing remote controllers to navigate through Netflix is becoming something that will make you feel like you’re living inside a cave.

If you hated having to use your hands the way you do now, you can be grateful to Amazon. With its new Amazon Fire TV Cube, you can do a lot now by actually doing a little with your hands. So, you don’t have to feel like a cave man because this device supports voice navigation in third-party apps.

There’s nothing new here, because it was seen by AFTVnews. These days, the functionality is being rolled out to Fire TV Cube devices everywhere in the world. The new voice commands are just as you have it on the physical buttons on the remote controls. You can navigate through complex menus by using phrases like “Alexa, go up” or “Alexa, move left” to get things done on the screen. Or you could say “Alexa, select this” or simple say “Alexa, select” to press a virtual Select button, and your wish will be done.

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It is not the same if you move farther away. It could be cumbersome and things may just not work well in any sort of distance. To make this easy, try solving the problem by using the “scroll” command which helps you move several menu items at a single time so you don’t need to repeat “Alexa, go left or right” over and over again.

As you get used to it, you may find that using the Amazon Fire TV Cube is actually easier and faster than using the remote.

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