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Are AMOLED screens better than IPS?

One of the main elements of smartphones and tablets are the screens. Currently, there are as many technologies as there are resolutions, being able to find IPS, OLED, LCD and TFT panels, among many others. However, the two most known and used in the field of mobile telephony are IPS and OLED, in its AMOLED variant. That is why this time we will face both technologies in a fight without quarter between the AMOLED vs IPS.

While the slogan that AMOLED screens are better than IPS, today we will see which is better in what aspects. Let’s see all the advantages and disadvantages of both below.

AMOLED vs. IPS panels, which is better?

The popularity of AMOLED panels has increased in recent months in such a way that most manufacturers include such technology on their screens. And it is not for less because it offers a quality in regard to the definition of image and colours never seen in other similar technologies.

AMOLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This does not mean that IPS panels have lower quality. And is that if they are known for something is to offer the highest purity of colors seen on a screen, with a fidelity that has little to do with the AMOLED screens. Likewise, the angles of vision, the intensity of the targets and the response time of them usually far exceed the panels with AMOLED technology. It should be mentioned that the sharpness is often higher than in the last.

IPS Screen of the Honor 8 Pro

On the other hand, AMOLED panels offer unparalleled purity in black colours, mainly due to the absence of backlighting and the switching off of LEDs in dark modes, offering a significantly lower energy consumption and a lower thickness in the panel. That is why they have a higher rank in terms of contrasts. However, its durability over time is usually limited by the manufacturing technology used, which is usually Pentile.


Depending on the tastes and needs of users, each technology adapts to the use and requirement of these, so that no technology is superior to another. However, because the direction to follow the technology in recent years is on the path of optimisation in terms of energy expenditure, the mobile phone industry will eventually succumb to the implementation of AMOLED panels in their devices, relegating other technologies to their installation in lower ranges.

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