Android Phones Specifications and their Meaning

Some of us have been making use of Android phones for a long time but are not really clear about the meaning of some of the Android Specifications. Also, you might be wanting to get a new mobile phone and you are wondering what some of the things to consider before buying are. Here is a quick guide and explanation of these smartphone specs.

Android Phone Specifications And Meaning

The Following are Android Phone Features To See Before Buying:

1. RAM in A Phone:

 RAM stands for Random Access Memory. When you open applications on your mobile phone, they are loaded in RAM. The bigger your ram, the more you are able to run multiple and heavy apps on your phone without it hanging. If your phone continues to hang or freeze, it is a sign that you need more RAM.

2. Phone Processor:

The processor or Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer. A processor is responsible for executing what you want your smartphone to do. It takes in the input from you converts them into electronic signals and gives the desired output.

Processors Have Core. Cores are the Units of processors. The core can be single, dual, quad-core, or octa-core…..

  • single-core processor has only one actual central processing unit (CPU)
  • dual-core processor is a single computing component, or in other words a single computer chip only, but with two independent central processing units (CPUs) in one.
  • A quad-core processor is a single computing component, a single computer chip with four independent actual central processing units (CPUs) And
  • an octa-core processor is a single computing component, or a single computer chip, with eight independent actual central processing units (CPUs).

3. Display on Phone:

The display is the screen of the phone. Screens come in different sizes. Screen size of 5.5 Inches and above is recommended.

4. Resolution:

Screen Resolution in layman’s language is how clear the screen is and how beautiful things appear on the screen. Resolution refers to the number of pixels on display or in a camera sensor. Higher resolution means more pixels, which provides the ability to capture or display more visual information.

5. Operating System (OS):

This speaks of the Android Version the phone is running. The Latest Android version is Android 10. Most phones have not gotten the Android 10 update yet. Android 9.0 Pie is a recent android Operating System too.