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Android Pie will have its own version of Android Go

Last year, Android Go was launched for the first time. A light version of the operating system, designed for the low-end, and based on Android Oreo. The arrival of Android Pie also causes a new version of this lightweight operating system to arrive. And it has been confirmed since we can expect a new version, this time based on Android 9.0.

Android Pie will have its own version of Android Go

So we expect changes in it since they are going to introduce some of the new features that have come with the new update of the Google operating system.

Android Go based on Android Pie

It is expected that gesture navigation, new emojis or adaptive brightness are among the new features that come to this version of Android Go. It is likely that not all the functions of Android Pie will be, although the most important. In addition, the new version for the low range will be much lighter than last year. 500 MB lighter, as discussed.

Something that is positive and should contribute to a greater fluidity of operation on your part. It is important that low-end phones can enjoy a light version, given their lower storage capacity. And Android Go meets that.

At the moment it is not known when this version based on Android Pie will arrive. It is known that Google works on it, although we do not have data on the release date. Therefore, we hope that the company will reveal more specific details about this.

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