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Android sync turns on and off automatically

To automatically disable automatic account syncing on Android when not in use

An Android smartphone uses the Internet connection to check for new Email messages but also new notifications from Facebook, WhatsApp, or other applications. This is the data synchronization feature, which is required for many third-party services and also required to make Google services work.

Given the need to keep the automatic synchronization option activated it inevitably will drain the battery of the device and also, to a small extent, the connection data for the pay-as-you-go plans (even if by now with all the Giga offered by the operators this problem has become less evident than in the past).

Those who want maximum control over the phone’s battery and increase autonomy can use the convenient settings and apps to turn synchronization on and off automatically so as to save some battery and start synchronization only when the phone screen is on or at certain times.

Disable app-free sync

On modern versions of Android, we can disable account synchronization when we are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, so as to save data and battery. The procedure is valid on all Android smartphone models, with minimal differences in the settings items.

To proceed we open the app Settings on our phone, press on the menu Accounts and synchronization, and make sure we check the item Wi-Fi only.

In this way, the synchronization of the accounts saved on the phone will take place only when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network, effectively blocking the synchronization when we are away from home and use the mobile data network to access the Internet.

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Obviously, with this option active we could miss some messages, emails, or some important notifications: let’s activate it only if it is important for us to arrive at the end of the day with a minimum of battery charge or we already have a little charge in the phone and we want to save some money. ‘power.

Alternatively, we can quickly disable account synchronization on Android activating the Energy Saving present on your device. On Xiaomi and other Chinese manufacturers, activating energy saving also turns off data synchronization, so as to save a lot of battery.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to extend battery life on android.

Automatic synchronization app

Account synchronization on Android can be intelligently adjusted using the app to perform automatic actions thus choosing whether to activate or deactivate synchronization based on the remaining battery level, the area we are visiting, or when we turn off the screen.


One of the best apps to automate syncing on Android is MacroDroid downloadable for free on all devices.

By installing MacroDroid we can activate or deactivate the synchronization based on specific events on the phone: we can for example turn off the synchronization when we are not connected to a specific Wi-Fi network, activate it when we return home, deactivate it when we are at work or simply deactivate it when it is phone screen is off.


Another useful app to activate and deactivate synchronization on Android is Automate also available for free.

In a similar way to when seen on MacroDroid, it is possible to create events and concatenate them through concept maps, so as to be able to activate or deactivate the synchronization in a totally automatic way. To learn more we can read our guide for making Android automatic.

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The apps seen so far are useful for activating automatic synchronization, but require a minimum of knowledge to be configured. A simple and immediate app to automatically activate and deactivate synchronization is AutoSync downloadable for free.

This app features five different ones predefined conditions under which automatic synchronization on the Android smartphone or tablet is automatically activated. With AutoSync installed on your device, it is not necessary to activate or deactivate the synchronization function manually, as it is automatically controlled according to the chosen condition.

The 5 conditions that can be selected to automatically start the synchronization process on Android are:

  • Wi-Fi is connected
  • Power or Wi-Fi connected
  • External power supply and Wi-Fi are connected
  • Manually (default)
  • Power connected

By choosing the option WiFi is connected and then by choosing to deactivate the wifi automatically when the phone is in suspension (option found in the advanced Wifi settings), you get a decided energy saving when the phone is not in use.

AutoSync runs silently in the background and works punctually by notifying Sync activation.


Synchronization is important to keep the added accounts on the Android phone updated, but on some phones or in some particular conditions we can also choose to disable it, thus saving battery and arriving until the evening even with older phones. To automate the synchronization management we can use both the apps for automatic actions and the AutoSync app, specific to adjust the synchronization.