Android – what Google’s madness, 7 free paid apps on the Play Store

Today, all Android users can benefit from up to 7 free paid apps on Google Play store. Thanks to the Google initiative that now gives its best.

download google play store 1
download google play store 1

Giving weight to the operating system stores to date has practically become a habit for everyone. By bringing up Android, everyone now knows that the Play Store reigns supreme over the mobile landscape in terms of content offered to users.

The eternal challenge with Apple is now at par and all the applications and games that pass on the portal are almost always present on both markets. But now Google has decided to launch some initiatives that will make users very happy. In fact, there are so many apps and paid games, which, however, could arrive in a completely different form only today.

Android- here are the best 7 applications and games on offer for free but only for today, run in the Play Store to download them

All the apps you download remain in your Google Play account for life. This means that even in this case, by downloading free content only for today, these will be free for life. Obviously, time is running out so you have to go immediately to the Play Store to download everything.

For this reason, we have decided to leave a list with the best apps and selected games. These will be free and you can download them simply by clicking on the titles below:


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