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App monitors sleep by recording sounds and movements (Android and iPhone)

Free alarm clock apps to record sleep movements and sounds during the night with iPhone or Android smartphone

If we have difficulty sleeping and do not know the quality of our sleep, an app for modern smartphones can help us. keep track of the hours you sleep and function as a smart alarm clock so you can get an awakening as little traumatic as possible. There are really numerous apps that monitor sleep at night by recording sounds and movements and calibrating the alarm to ring at the best time to wake up (i.e. away from deep sleep or REM). Who suffer from insomnia problems or have difficulty sleeping you can try to download these apps so that you can get to know if you sleep well or if you need to fix something for the night.

1) Android Rest Mode

Android Rest Mode
Android Rest Mode

Those with an Android smartphone updated to at least version 10 can monitor their sleep at night using the Android sleep mode. To activate this mode, let’s take the path Settings> Digital Wellbeing and press on the menu Rest mode.
After opening this menu we activate the various options presented on the various screens to activate the grayscale in night mode, activate the intelligent do not disturb mode, choose the activation of the rest mode based on a chosen time or only if we put the phone under recharge in the time slot after 9 pm.

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Although this mode has no advanced features it can be very useful in facilitating sleep since we will not receive annoying notifications or sounds during the night and the screen will appear only as a grayscale (a very relaxing shade).

2) Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle

The best app we can use to track sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for a new day is Sleep Cyclefree to download for Android and for iPhone.

The app in question allows you to monitor the sounds and movements of the sleeping person and thus obtain a very detailed sleep quality monitoring, with deep sleep peaks and light sleep peaks. By setting a smart alarm clock you can make it sound only during the final phase of light sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

Other cool features included in the app include a range of soothing sounds (to be played with headphones or earphones) and compatibility with Wear OS or Apple Watch devices for advanced monitoring.

3) Sleep as Android

Sleep As Android
Sleep As Android

One of the best apps we can install on Android to track sleep is Sleep as Android, also available free of charge. The app monitors the sounds and movements emitted during the night and generates a very realistic sleep chart so as to be able to plan intelligent alarms (to be sounded in the final phase of light sleep) and also to activate the anti-snoring system.

On the main screen, there is a button to press every time you go to sleep, to start tracking your sleep. Before starting, however, we can choose the method of use: in fact, by configuring the app we can enable the recording of movements, sounds emitted during sleep, and the intelligent alarm clock with a touch. The smart alarm sounds within a set interval based on the best time to end your sleep cycle (usually half an hour before the set time to wake up).

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In addition to the app, we can also use a convenient widget on the screen to start and stop sleep monitoring with a simple touch.

4) Sleep Time

Sleep Time
Sleep Time

Another very useful app for monitoring sleep during the night is Sleep Timedownloadable for Android and for iPhone.

The app provides one of the best sleep analyses available over the phone, thanks to the graphs and useful information available in the Sleep Lab. By activating the monitoring mode for at least 2 days we will get very accurate information on how we sleep how many hours of heavy sleep, how many hours of light sleep, and at what time it is preferable to set the alarm if we always go to sleep at the same time.

Among the available functions, we also find a reproducer of sounds of nature (to help fall asleep) and relaxation and training exercises to reconcile deep sleep and release tension.

5) Sleep ++

Sleep ++
Sleep ++

IPhone users can also try the app Sleep ++ to monitor their sleep at night by recording sounds and movements.

By installing this app on the iPhone and Apple Watch it is possible to obtain a very precise graph of the sleep trend (also thanks to the Apple Watch sensors) and compare the sleep chart of the various days of the week so as to find the days where we sleep worse and the days where we rest better (usually the weekend, but it’s not a surprise).

He assigns points for each sleep cycle: only by obtaining high points in at least 6 days out of 7 will we be sure of sleeping well and getting enough sleep. With the right hours of sleep behind you, productivity at work will also benefit.

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By downloading one of the apps recommended in this guide we will get a real sleep monitoring which, in the morning, will show the results of the recording of sounds and movements with a graph. By touching the various parts of the graph, you can actually hear the sound recorded at that moment.

The end result is very interesting and can be discovered even if you snore or talk in your sleep. The mobile phone can be placed on the bedside table next to the bed, even without active network connections and in airplane mode, better if connected to the charger since the recorder consumes energy.

Still, on the subject of rest and sleep monitoring, we invite you to read our guides at the app to sleep better, fall asleep and wake up well (Android and iPhone) and the guide to best smart bracelets to monitor sleep.