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Apple and Facebook at Loggerheads Over Data Privacy

Facebook and Apple are fighting over data privacy again simply because Apple accused Facebook of distasteful data collection practices. These are two Silicon Valley companies that often have controversies over data protection.

Apple has written to civil rights groups that Facebook needs to be monitored closely because of the way the company obtains user data, using these to target advertising. Apple says the social media giant has no regard for user privacy.

In the letter, the phone company explained to civil rights groups its business model, and how it intends to continue to introduce new privacy restrictions with the iOS 14 operating system. The company is making sure it asks users for permission to make use of their data for ad targeting and tracking. It calls its business a model that is privacy-forward.

Facebook also wrote its letter to civil rights groups that mentioned quite a number of privacy concerns about Apple’s handling of user data. It called the letter sent by Apple as a means of diverting attention from those data concerns.

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Facebook also referred to Apple’s using its dominant market position to self-preference their own data collection while making it almost impossible for anyone else to make use of the same data. Facebook says Apple calls it a privacy issue when in reality it is a profit issue. “We are not fooled,” Facebook wrote, “This is all part of a transformation of Apple’s business away from innovative hardware products to data-driven software and media.”

In addition to that, Facebook criticized Apple iOS 14, saying that Apple’s measures are designed to hurt its revenues. Facebook said also that Apple’s move will also damage small business operations on its platform but they have already suffered a lot during the on-going global pandemic.

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Other publishers, app makers, and tech companies have spoken against Apple’s new measures on data protection, claiming that the phone maker is only lowering its privacy standards in order to grow its revenue. Apple claims these new changes will offer users more control.

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